Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, whats so great about fall?

I am not having a great Fall. I don't like the weather getting cold. Yes, the leaves turning colors is pretty, but then come all the leaves that blow into my garage!

To me fall means badk to school (and that means homework).

It also means I need to get out my sweaters. I now have to do a load of delicates and hang dryables (sweaters). I can't have my kids go outside through the sprinkler for a cleaning.

I wake up and its dark (because Trevor has been getting up at 6:15, its still dark).

It means sitting bundled up trying to stay warm as I watch soccer or baseball games. (My son was playing this weekend while it rained, then snowed!!)

I also don't like fall because it means fundraising time. School fundraisers, pre school fundraiser, special needs PTA fundraisers, Cub scout fundraisers. I'm fundraised out!

Another biggie for me is that fall means Halloween is coming and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I jsut don't feel ready to be all jolly yet!

I guess I am a little grumpy. It has been so wet and cold since September. We didn't get a gentle easing into fall that is for sure. I am so tired of the rain.

Send me a joke to get me out of my "fall funk"!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fabulous Family pictures!

This year once again the Pre-school offered family photo sessions. In addition to the pre-school the Special Needs PTA also offered the family picture, so I decided it was time to update the family picture and support the Special Needs PTA in the process.
I did go out shopping all of Friday the day of (pics at 6:00 in the evening). Trevor and I went to the Children's place, Petite Sophisticate, The Gap, Gap for Kids and maybe even another store. I got them each a nice outfit (and something they can wear for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve too). Besides the clothes I bought at the resale, I haven't bought much for the boys, so it was nice to update thier wardrobes with a brand new outfit!
I think the pictures turned out good! We were in and out within 20 mins, no waiting. There aren't any different back droops to choose from and not a lot of pose changes, but even without all that "fluff" we got some great pics.
I even decided at the shoot that it was time for Mike and I to get an updated picture of ourselves too. We haven't had a nice pic of just us for years (well, we did have some pics of us at Brad's wedding, but I was in labor that day and super bloated, so not my most photogenic!)
Here are our pictures: Me and my handsome men!

And, here is Trevor's latest picture - They take class pictures in pre school now!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I am back!

Here I am . . .

what have I been up to, well lets see, since my last blog (July I think), Trevor turned 3, we went to Arkansas for vacation, stephen started fall baseball, ryan started fall soccer, trevor started pre school, boys started 2nd and 5th grades respectively, Ryan joined cub scouts and stephen is continuing in Cub Scouts.

I chaired Red Ribbon again this year, became the Special Needs PTA liason for NYE, became Co-Chair for Sweetheart Dance at the pre-school, am a greeter for the pre-school, am a room parent in stephen's class, a Head Room parent in Ryan's class, a classroom helper in Trevor's pre-school, volunteered for the Halloween party at the pre-school, and I'm sure I am missing things

Oh, I forgot I also agreed to the "the historian" at the pre-school. Plus, I may do some work on the directory for Young again this year.

There have also been Dr. appts, (me I was wearing a heart monitor for a month) Trevor and stephen had bone age scans done and went to the endocrinologist.

Really, I thought I was cutting back. The only thing I've cut back on is my Tupperware business. So please if you need some Tupperware, I need some orders!

So I long to blog, but lately I can't even remember what my name is of where I am supposed to be (or where my kids are supposed to be), so stringing some coherent thoughts together seems a little more than I was willing to do the past couple of months.

Today is the last day of Red Ribbon. While I am still busy with other things, I will not have this on my shoulders. It has been a full time job fo rthe past 2 weeks, and there was a lot of time put into this since school started before the past 2 weeks!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of school

Today was the day.
I was not at all ready; I really enjoyed this summer even as cram packed and fast paced as it was. But here it is, the first day of school already!

I think the boys were feeling ready about going back.
Ryan's classroom
In the gymnasium (couldn't line up on the blacktop because of the rain)

Stephen at his desk in his classroom

I now have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader (and next week a pre schooler!) Where does the time go?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trevor sings, and Am I going to Hell??

Another Trevor post!

Me, Ryan and Trevor were on our way back after dropping Stephen and friends to tennis practice. I have the music on (101.9 I believe). It's a song I recognize and has a great beat so I am kinda humming and tapping my feet and doing my "car dancing" to the music. (and no I was not paying attention to the lyrics, . . . .yet)

Then Trevor chimes in. He is singing the lyrics! And, its not quite as slow paced as Twinkle Twinkle little star either! He is singing and he is singing clearly - my little speech delayed son!

Are you wondering yet what song he is singing? Brace yourself . . . .
I hope I am not going to hell for not censoring my music and also for not turning the station once I realized what the lyrics were, but he was sining and it does have a great beat.


Just in case the link above doesn't work . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The song was by All American Rejects - if it gives you hell

this is the chorus part that Trevor sang:

When you see my faceI hope it gives you hell,
I hope it gives you hell
When you walk my wayI hope it gives you hell, I hope it gives you hell

So, am I wrong to be happy and proud about Trevor singing a pop song, Or am I going to HELL??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another birthday

Today is Dear Hubby's birthday. Being the busy family of 5, we don't have much "birthday plans" for him. We did call and all of us except trevor who was being shy sung him Happy birthday.

I am off to the store with the boys to make him my fabulous Key Lime Pie. Its easy and its delicous and lots cheaper than bakers Square.

Of course, we might not get to eat it together. I will be taking Trevor for immunizations today as it was one of the few times I could get in and I made this appt more than a month ago (and we need to get these immunizations and another set before school starts in Aug). And it is also a game night for Stephen. While I am driving Trevor to get his shots, Mike will be arriving home and then have to take Stephen to a baseball game. Baseball isn't really Mike's thing, but he is a "team player" in the house, so he will be driving to a game on his bday.
This is Michael at a "more celebrated birthday". I can't say that he has changed much!


Trevor's Eye appointment

Why am I ever surpised when a doctor or teacher or someone suggests I need to take my son to a specialist or have him seen for this or that, and then am still surprised when they ACTUALLY find something wrong with them??

Sigh, I don't know why i continue to be surprised, but I am. since Trevor failed the vision and hearing - oops, I mean was referred for vision and hearing, I had to go have him checked out for vision and hearing. We have yet to do the hearing, but we did go and see an Eye Dr. yesterday for Trevor and his eye that turns in or as they stated "left eye deviates in" on his referreal form.

Ryan also had what seemed to be an eye that turned in and we took him to the eye Dr. and was told that although it looks like his eye turns in, it actually isn't. There is a fold of skin that makes it appear his eye is turning in, but in fact his eye is fine. I wasn't so sure about this, but its been a couple of years and I don't notice it anymore. So I guess because of this, I expected to hear the same thing at the eye Dr.

Long story short there was good news and bad news. Good news - no surgery. Bad News - he will need glasses. He has a condition called Strabismus. It is a visual defect where the eyes are misaligned. About 4% of all children have this. for the exact kind of Strabismus, I think he said esotropia.(not exotropia) Trevor is faresighted and will be wearing glasses all the time.

Strabisums is common for kids with disorders such a s cerebral palsy, down syndrome, hydrocephalus and brain tumors, but I guess it is still common enough in kids without those issues either. As for long term, I'm not really sure what it means. i was in a state of shock and not doing my best at listening, but I thought he said there is a chance he may outgrow this. I was not listeing because I had several thoughts running through my head

1. What do you mean he is far sighted? Mike and I are both nearsighted!

2. I can't believe there is yet another thing to add to the list of "issues" this little guy has

3. Becasue of his sensory issues, he hates having hats and gloves and stuff on him, wonder how he will do with glasses (he wouldn't wear the little plastic sunglasses thing home to make his eyes deal wtiht the sun on the way home after his eyes were dilated during the appt.

4. How much is this latest thing going to cost me!

So, I am a terrible mom, aren't eye! (get it eye and not I!!)

It's day 3 of summer break, and I am making phone calles trying to find a place that sells frames for toddlers. Its harder than i thought to find glasses that small (and they aren't cheap at least not ones in stock)

So after I wait for some eye places to call me back, I will be trying to hunt down the hearing evaluation that was done last summer on Trevor. He did pass it last summer (although I was shocked that the girl passed him - its not that I think he can't hear, it was the fact that he was totally not paying attention and responding to most of the things the way he was supposed to)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The past month is a bit of a blur . . . . . Here's a small run down of what we've been doing the past month:

The start of baseball season for Stephen ( Stephen is doing well and a pretty good pitcher!)
Several happenings at school –

Umbrellas’ for Peace Project, - (awesome project with the artist Matt Lamb to promote world peace – I got to help the kids with their painting of the umbrellas )

4th grade state Fair – (Stephen did North Dakota – the kids are so talented and creative!)

Field Days – (didn’t see much of this one because it was changed days because of poss rain)
1st grade beach party – I didn’t get a chance to see this, but this was a very traumatic day for me and not Ryan – I’ll be blogging about that one for sure! I was not picked to be a room mom for the event, then come to find out the head room mom didn’t even come and I could have stepped in – maddening!!

Last Full day of school and School assembly (June 5th)
Stephen leaving after the last WHOLE day (friday)
Ryan at the year end assembly
In the car for our last time Going for the last hour on Monday as a first grader and 4th grader!
It's over, let summer begin (stephen doesn't look so excited, does he?)

Stephen and some friends - now we will smile for the camera!
Ryan and his friend Aden

and last day of School June 8th (to celebrate we went with friends to Steak and Shake and got shakes and burgers – yummy!)

Several family happenings
Sean’s christening
(my nephew was christened in May – such a sweet looking baby)

Jimmy’s bday party (our nephew is now 12 and is taller than me!)

My mom’s visit – (she didn’t spend much time at our house, but we did have a nice time at the christening, at a restaurant to see the brothers and sis in laws and babies, and saw my aunt lil who’s 93 now and still driving)

My mom and all 5 of the grandkids (my 3 and the babies Annabelle with my mom and Sean with my sister in law Donna)

And other things happenings:

Memorial day bar b que – Thanks Kathy –we invited ourselves and forced them to have a Memorial Day bar b que (well it was your turn, I Think!) – good food!

Smores time!!

Me and Kathy - BFF's (umm, maybe I need to ask her if thats ok)

Dr. appts (another neurologist visit for Ryan– tomorrow opthamologist for Trevor’s turned in eye)

Ryan waiting for Dr. Ikramudin - Ryan is doing awesome with being on meds, but we'll take the summer off - hopefully ryan will gain some weight being off the meds

Pre school evaluation and follow up (what a disappointment to learn Trevor will only get speech) No OT, he is not developmentally delayed despite his major speech delay so no extra services besides speech once a week for an hour)

Friends birthday parties (happy birthday to Samuel, Aden, and Ben – Kelly you rock with the Survivor theme, it looked so awesome – and you are brave to have 29 kids at your house and looking like it might rain all day!)

This is at the Survivor party that Ryan's friend Ben invited him to

Ryan and one of the birthday boys - Ben

It was neat seeing all the kids in their different colored survivor t-shirts

Shop Crop and Craft for a Cure Event – I was a vendor there – anybody want to buys some Tupperware and help a great cause??

Sensory Processing Disorder Seminar – this was a great seminar! How I wish Trevor could continue in Early Intervention for a while longer so I can learn more about this

Landscaping project - Having 4 bushes/trees taken out of the front landscaping

Before with the tree by the garage door and the junipers flanking the porch

After pic - no more trees by the garage or junipers!

And the usual:

Nutritionist meetings (back off the growth chart in weight), OT, and Speech –Cub scout Meetings and events

PTA meetings and stuff

I’ll have to pick a couple of events to blog about! I hope to get some time to do some blogging about so much of these memorable events!

The return on Lindy cat

Wow, when I came on here and saw I hadn't posted since Lindy cat's great escape, I was amazed. Life's been THAT busy!

Lindy cat is back home, safe and sound. She was a couple of doors down, and may have been there the whole time. She was spotted there the first day she was missing, and then again the next day. We looked for her there, but she didn't appear to be there. Our neighbors called again the next day after dinner saying she was out on their patio again. I raced down there and was there in less than 3 mins. I could not see her or figure out wher she was. I thought she ran away, but she was just in a little hiding place underneath an opening by the house by their fireplace. she would not come out no matter how much i called. Thank you to my friend Kelly who got a flashlight and did spot her. I looked exactly where she was hiding and didn't see her. I had to drag her out. She's been home for a while now, but still seems to want to try to get outside.
Last week, Trevor left the door open again. I was sitting in my den and I see a big blackish brownish blob out the corner of my eye out the den window - she was out again. She was under the deck, and I scared her and she ran towards the front and I thought, not again! But she ran into the house, whew.

I hope she gets used to being an indoor cat again.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lindy Cat is gone!

My "Little Old Lady cat" Lindy is missing. She has been gone a whole day. She has never been gone over night. I've been really so frustrated with her lately as she keeps trying to sleep on my pillow. She starts out inthe middle and when she thinks I'm asleep she creeps upmy pillow and then tries to lay on my hair. She actually uses her paw to move my hair and then tries to lay on it, all the while pulling my hair and hurting my scalp. Needless to say, I keep trying to get her to sleep at the end of the bed. Sometimes she tries sneaking up there 4 or 5 or even more times a night and its been almost as bad as waking up for newborn feeding time.

Last night there was no Lindy and I did sleep without anyone pulling my hair. It was still a terrible night as I worried about her.

She is as I said, my "little old lady". She is 13 years old (as old as I've been married). We got her as a kitten just weeks before our wedding. She is not very active and loves to just sleep and eat. She doesn't come out much when the boys are home as they are too noisy and unpredictable for her tastes (I don't blame her). But she is a pretty laid back and sweet cat and I hate to think she is out there in the rain, knowing how much she hates rain, and knowing how much she loves to eat cat food.

I have neighbors keeping their eyes open, and many tell me that cat's are smart and she'll be able to take care of herself and find her way home, but I have my doubts. she doesn't get much exercise, is frightened of her own shadow and doesn't know how to go about getting food in the wild.

I hope it stops raining. I can't imagine her walking aroun in the rain. I'm guessing she is under a bush or deck somewhere waiting for the rain to stop.

My poor old girl. Please come home!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank God It's Thursday

Thank God It's Thursday (Which is almost TGIF!), (it means the evaluation is done, yeah)

Tonight I am going to a Sensory Processing disorder seminar. I really wanted to go to a coupon class at the local community center, but I'll go and be a good mom and check out this seminar and see if I can learn something!
I hope I can get some "ammunition" so to speak for ryan's school. they don't see any Sensory Issues with Ryan. The OT who is supposed to be a professional or at least somewhat knowledgeable on the subject doesn't seem to understand what I understand to be the basics of SPD and how it affects my son, so I hope to gain more insight about it.

Grey's anatomy is on tonight - my VCR better get the job done!

Tomorrow is kind of a double header - i have a Mom n tot outing at the park. Course I am planning on doing some garage saling as I am surrounded by subdivisions doing garage sales and I love a good bargain. The second part of the double header is tomorrow night - The Kane County Cougars game (Mike and the boys will go - I can't go because I couldn't / don't have a sitter for Trevor - truth be told, I didn't even try, OOPPSS!!) Maybe next year we can ALL go, but I know Trevor wouldn't deal well with all the noise and commotion especially at his age and his bedtime is at 8:00.

Hoope you had a great Thrusday and I can almost get a way with saying TGIF!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trevor gets evaluated at the Pre-school

Today was the big day . . .

Trevor had his evaluation at Prairie PreSchool . . . .

I'm so glad its over . . . .

Now I wait till the Evaluation MEETING in two weeks where I will here what all is in their reports, and what all they will recommend for services.

On one hand, I was a little bit embarrassed and a bit sad that Trevor was not being the sweet fun little boy that he can be. On the other hand, it did highlight some of the bad behaviors I worry about and hopefully showed some of his weaknesses (as well as strengths).

Within being there 10 mins, Trevor failed the hearing test, then failed the vision test- WHAT??? (In my mind it just means more Dr visits, as you can see I am not too worried about his hearing or vision. Maybe he has an ear wax build up or something. his sight, well he does look cross eyed in one eye, and hopefully it is just an extra flap of skin that will be fine in time like I was told with Ryan.)

Onto the evaluation . . . The Psychologist, OT, Speech, Social Worker and School Nurse were all present for the eval. Right off the bat Trevor was getting agitated and didn't want to separate from me. He was coaxed away with toys and for a time seemed to be following their commands. He must have gotten bored or frustrated because he started melting down a bit. However, he did recover pretty quickly most times. I'm not sure if he showed any Sensory Issues, and I'm sure he did fine on Fine and Gross Motor Skills for his age. There won't be much the Nurse/School would do for his Failure to Thrive diagnosis. And speech, I know he will receive services, but am not sure if he will get inclusive service (meaning during pre-school) or if it will be outside the classroom before or after pre-school.

I was hoping he would be more compliant with the things they wanted him to do. He seemed pretty ornery, stubborn and just being tantrummy (is that a word?). I know its good for them to see him at his worst as it will show his weaknesses, but me as mom still wants others to like her kid. I still want them to say "oh what a sweet boy", and tell me what a smart boy he is and all that. He can be very social and engaging with strangers at times, but then other times and he is deathly afraid and gets very stressed about it.

I gave them the forms I filled out and reiterated my concerns and talked about him while the eval was going on. I tell them he is very smart, very affectionate with family, but terribly stubborn, very independent (most of the time), full of energy, easily frustrated, doesn't share or take turns easily. his expressive speech is lacking, talked about his getting over stimulated or other sensory issues and his problems with interactions with other kids (not sharing, not taking turns) - that those items were my concerns for him right now (as well as his lack of weight gain, but that isn't really a school issue)

All in all, I think he did ok. i guess if he had been super sweet and super funny and eagerly doing all they ask of him, and showing how much he knows instead of being stubborn and refusing to do things and melting down a bit here and there (and running to mommy) then they may not get a completely accurate picture and may recommend less therapy and intervention than is needed.

I have no idea if he will qualify for free tuition, I don't think his speech delay will be enough for that and as I stated I don't know if they will look at his Sensory piece that closely - they may chalk alot of behavioral things up to bad parenting or terrible twos for all I know. He didn't pull at his socks, or pull on his shirt tags, or insist on keeping his jacket on, pulling his hair, or covering his ears from a loud noise, so he didn't really demonstrate any Sensory Processing problems that we deal with but hopefully they will look at his OT's report and see what she has to say.

Last week the nutritionist was here and weighed and measured Trevor. He lost 1/2 a pound and did not grow in height at all, so it was a bit disappointing, but he had such a great growth spurt the month before that so I try not to get too worked up about his numbers for this month. He had been sick right before his last weight check and sometimes we will see it reflected in his lack of weight gain one or two weigh-ins later .

Now the 2 week wait begins (in the mean time I need to get him up to date on vaccines, see an eye doctor and get his hearing tested again)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I get to be spoiled on Mother's Day . . . . .

I admit when I was a daughter, but not yet a mom, I didn't understand what being a Mother was and what all Mom's go through. And, I probably should have made Mother's day even more special.

To everyone in the "sisterhood" of Motherhood, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A look back; Ryan with hives

I always think this picture is so funny. As I am in Spring Cleaning mode (I've been attempting to get my house (and my life) in order, and am really, really trying to let things go instead of saving everything. - including my pictures). I came across this photo and it made me smile.
Now remember, this is RYAN - my sensory kid who was collicky for 2 years (ok, so I know colic doesn't last that long, but back then I did not know what to call his sensory issues and he was ALWAYS crying so to me he was colicky till he was about 2!). He was covered from head to toe practically in hives and yet he was very happy most of this day. He had a reaction to amoxicillan. He was just barely one years old when he had this reaction.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Nanny, are you available?

Terrible Twos Tuesday -

Doesn't Trevor look so sweet and inncoent?

I have to say that Trevor hasn't been getting into quite as much mischief such as getting touch up car paint all over, or emptying full bottles of Windex in minutes, HOWEVER, he is now quite demanding and whiney as of late- trying to get his way. Whenever I tell him its naptime he screams "EAT, EAT, EAT" - I know he is trying to delay naptime, and he is smart, he uses "Eat" "eat" as he knows mommy loves to feed him (my failure to thrive baby).

The terrible twos are realy testing me lately. He can be manipulative (like using the EAT, EAT, EAT as he knows I love getting food in him)-and when I am on the phone; boy he sure knows he can pester me for a cookie and I will give in). He also has the memory of an elephant - wakes up from his nap demanding whatever I bribed him with to get him down (such as going outside or watching Barney). And he definitely knows his mind and is stubborn (gee, I wonder where he got that from). But he is a funny and sweet little boy and is very affectionate (ok, I'm gonna claim being responsible for those traits too!) You should see him with his baby alive doll. Super cute! I can't wait to see what this little guy will grow up to be.

I admit, I haven't been doing my best parenting lately, so I have been contributing to the perpetuation of the "terrible twos". I know I've been giving in too much as I've got lots of stuff going on and I am just not tolerating the incessant whining, constant fighting with ryan and the colicky crying episodes that go on for an hour or two at times (almost daily after a nap and sometimes after dinner). Its hard to know what to do as sometimes I wonder if what is bothering him is a sensory issue, and if he is sick (which he is alot), I know he is not feeling his best and wont act his best. And, I always wonder if maybe he is just super hungry, or maybe he is feeling some pain from reflux, or maybe he is just off because he doesn't nap long enough. And, I know it must be frustrating when he tries so hard to communicate and I still can't understand him (because of his speech delay). So, I think because it might be something that is really upsetting him or painful, I tend to go easy on him. Lately though I've been thinking he is just used to getting his way and I need to be more consistent with time outs and such. You'd think by my third one I'd have things more figured out by now, but I don't!
I need super nanny to come over, help me sort through this and get a better game plan!

Monday, April 27, 2009

another monday . . . (and a small update on Trevor)

Another Monday.

Actually, Monday's aren't so bad . . .

Once its 8:40, its time to drop off the older 2 - which is great as Trevor and Ryan are constantly pushing each other's buttons, and fight over toys, etc. I know Trevor likes Mondays as he sees one of his favorite people, Virginia - Trevor gets speech therapy on Mondays, so its like a built in play date.

another bright spot of monday is one of my favorite shows (ever) is on tonight !- dancing with the stars! - see Mondays aren't so bad!!

How is Your Monday going?
I'm happy that we finally have Trevor's pre-school assessment eval on the calender. With his July birthday, I was not sure when they would get to his evaluation. I've been anxious to get this under way and have an idea of what kind of assistance he will get at the pre-school. A school phsychologist, Social Worker, Speech Therapist, OT and the school nurse will all be there to evaluate him.
I'm really happy with the progress he is making in his speech. He is really talking a lot more and each day is sounding better and better.
He continues to eat well and I'm sure being outside is helping his Vitamin D levels. We need to get some shots as he needs a lot before school starts, but we don't have an endo appts or Gastro appts anytime soon. An apple (and lots of choc milk and supplements) a day keeps the doctor away!!
Now, I must get back to work! I am busily preparing for my Open house - Tupperware Open house. I have tons of items in my inventory that I need to get rid of. if you need tupperware let me know (or come to my open house this Friday and Sat if you are local in the Aurora area).


Books I have read

  • Friday Night knitting Club
  • The tale of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Island of Lost Girls
  • The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio
  • Nineteen Minutes
  • Kite Runner
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons