Thursday, May 7, 2009

A look back; Ryan with hives

I always think this picture is so funny. As I am in Spring Cleaning mode (I've been attempting to get my house (and my life) in order, and am really, really trying to let things go instead of saving everything. - including my pictures). I came across this photo and it made me smile.
Now remember, this is RYAN - my sensory kid who was collicky for 2 years (ok, so I know colic doesn't last that long, but back then I did not know what to call his sensory issues and he was ALWAYS crying so to me he was colicky till he was about 2!). He was covered from head to toe practically in hives and yet he was very happy most of this day. He had a reaction to amoxicillan. He was just barely one years old when he had this reaction.

1 comment:

  1. Looks oh so familiar - ours was Bactrim, oh, and milk too.

    What a happy sweetie though!


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