Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trevor's Eye appointment

Why am I ever surpised when a doctor or teacher or someone suggests I need to take my son to a specialist or have him seen for this or that, and then am still surprised when they ACTUALLY find something wrong with them??

Sigh, I don't know why i continue to be surprised, but I am. since Trevor failed the vision and hearing - oops, I mean was referred for vision and hearing, I had to go have him checked out for vision and hearing. We have yet to do the hearing, but we did go and see an Eye Dr. yesterday for Trevor and his eye that turns in or as they stated "left eye deviates in" on his referreal form.

Ryan also had what seemed to be an eye that turned in and we took him to the eye Dr. and was told that although it looks like his eye turns in, it actually isn't. There is a fold of skin that makes it appear his eye is turning in, but in fact his eye is fine. I wasn't so sure about this, but its been a couple of years and I don't notice it anymore. So I guess because of this, I expected to hear the same thing at the eye Dr.

Long story short there was good news and bad news. Good news - no surgery. Bad News - he will need glasses. He has a condition called Strabismus. It is a visual defect where the eyes are misaligned. About 4% of all children have this. for the exact kind of Strabismus, I think he said esotropia.(not exotropia) Trevor is faresighted and will be wearing glasses all the time.

Strabisums is common for kids with disorders such a s cerebral palsy, down syndrome, hydrocephalus and brain tumors, but I guess it is still common enough in kids without those issues either. As for long term, I'm not really sure what it means. i was in a state of shock and not doing my best at listening, but I thought he said there is a chance he may outgrow this. I was not listeing because I had several thoughts running through my head

1. What do you mean he is far sighted? Mike and I are both nearsighted!

2. I can't believe there is yet another thing to add to the list of "issues" this little guy has

3. Becasue of his sensory issues, he hates having hats and gloves and stuff on him, wonder how he will do with glasses (he wouldn't wear the little plastic sunglasses thing home to make his eyes deal wtiht the sun on the way home after his eyes were dilated during the appt.

4. How much is this latest thing going to cost me!

So, I am a terrible mom, aren't eye! (get it eye and not I!!)

It's day 3 of summer break, and I am making phone calles trying to find a place that sells frames for toddlers. Its harder than i thought to find glasses that small (and they aren't cheap at least not ones in stock)

So after I wait for some eye places to call me back, I will be trying to hunt down the hearing evaluation that was done last summer on Trevor. He did pass it last summer (although I was shocked that the girl passed him - its not that I think he can't hear, it was the fact that he was totally not paying attention and responding to most of the things the way he was supposed to)

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