Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fabulous Family pictures!

This year once again the Pre-school offered family photo sessions. In addition to the pre-school the Special Needs PTA also offered the family picture, so I decided it was time to update the family picture and support the Special Needs PTA in the process.
I did go out shopping all of Friday the day of (pics at 6:00 in the evening). Trevor and I went to the Children's place, Petite Sophisticate, The Gap, Gap for Kids and maybe even another store. I got them each a nice outfit (and something they can wear for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve too). Besides the clothes I bought at the resale, I haven't bought much for the boys, so it was nice to update thier wardrobes with a brand new outfit!
I think the pictures turned out good! We were in and out within 20 mins, no waiting. There aren't any different back droops to choose from and not a lot of pose changes, but even without all that "fluff" we got some great pics.
I even decided at the shoot that it was time for Mike and I to get an updated picture of ourselves too. We haven't had a nice pic of just us for years (well, we did have some pics of us at Brad's wedding, but I was in labor that day and super bloated, so not my most photogenic!)
Here are our pictures: Me and my handsome men!

And, here is Trevor's latest picture - They take class pictures in pre school now!

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