Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The return on Lindy cat

Wow, when I came on here and saw I hadn't posted since Lindy cat's great escape, I was amazed. Life's been THAT busy!

Lindy cat is back home, safe and sound. She was a couple of doors down, and may have been there the whole time. She was spotted there the first day she was missing, and then again the next day. We looked for her there, but she didn't appear to be there. Our neighbors called again the next day after dinner saying she was out on their patio again. I raced down there and was there in less than 3 mins. I could not see her or figure out wher she was. I thought she ran away, but she was just in a little hiding place underneath an opening by the house by their fireplace. she would not come out no matter how much i called. Thank you to my friend Kelly who got a flashlight and did spot her. I looked exactly where she was hiding and didn't see her. I had to drag her out. She's been home for a while now, but still seems to want to try to get outside.
Last week, Trevor left the door open again. I was sitting in my den and I see a big blackish brownish blob out the corner of my eye out the den window - she was out again. She was under the deck, and I scared her and she ran towards the front and I thought, not again! But she ran into the house, whew.

I hope she gets used to being an indoor cat again.

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