Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trevor gets evaluated at the Pre-school

Today was the big day . . .

Trevor had his evaluation at Prairie PreSchool . . . .

I'm so glad its over . . . .

Now I wait till the Evaluation MEETING in two weeks where I will here what all is in their reports, and what all they will recommend for services.

On one hand, I was a little bit embarrassed and a bit sad that Trevor was not being the sweet fun little boy that he can be. On the other hand, it did highlight some of the bad behaviors I worry about and hopefully showed some of his weaknesses (as well as strengths).

Within being there 10 mins, Trevor failed the hearing test, then failed the vision test- WHAT??? (In my mind it just means more Dr visits, as you can see I am not too worried about his hearing or vision. Maybe he has an ear wax build up or something. his sight, well he does look cross eyed in one eye, and hopefully it is just an extra flap of skin that will be fine in time like I was told with Ryan.)

Onto the evaluation . . . The Psychologist, OT, Speech, Social Worker and School Nurse were all present for the eval. Right off the bat Trevor was getting agitated and didn't want to separate from me. He was coaxed away with toys and for a time seemed to be following their commands. He must have gotten bored or frustrated because he started melting down a bit. However, he did recover pretty quickly most times. I'm not sure if he showed any Sensory Issues, and I'm sure he did fine on Fine and Gross Motor Skills for his age. There won't be much the Nurse/School would do for his Failure to Thrive diagnosis. And speech, I know he will receive services, but am not sure if he will get inclusive service (meaning during pre-school) or if it will be outside the classroom before or after pre-school.

I was hoping he would be more compliant with the things they wanted him to do. He seemed pretty ornery, stubborn and just being tantrummy (is that a word?). I know its good for them to see him at his worst as it will show his weaknesses, but me as mom still wants others to like her kid. I still want them to say "oh what a sweet boy", and tell me what a smart boy he is and all that. He can be very social and engaging with strangers at times, but then other times and he is deathly afraid and gets very stressed about it.

I gave them the forms I filled out and reiterated my concerns and talked about him while the eval was going on. I tell them he is very smart, very affectionate with family, but terribly stubborn, very independent (most of the time), full of energy, easily frustrated, doesn't share or take turns easily. his expressive speech is lacking, talked about his getting over stimulated or other sensory issues and his problems with interactions with other kids (not sharing, not taking turns) - that those items were my concerns for him right now (as well as his lack of weight gain, but that isn't really a school issue)

All in all, I think he did ok. i guess if he had been super sweet and super funny and eagerly doing all they ask of him, and showing how much he knows instead of being stubborn and refusing to do things and melting down a bit here and there (and running to mommy) then they may not get a completely accurate picture and may recommend less therapy and intervention than is needed.

I have no idea if he will qualify for free tuition, I don't think his speech delay will be enough for that and as I stated I don't know if they will look at his Sensory piece that closely - they may chalk alot of behavioral things up to bad parenting or terrible twos for all I know. He didn't pull at his socks, or pull on his shirt tags, or insist on keeping his jacket on, pulling his hair, or covering his ears from a loud noise, so he didn't really demonstrate any Sensory Processing problems that we deal with but hopefully they will look at his OT's report and see what she has to say.

Last week the nutritionist was here and weighed and measured Trevor. He lost 1/2 a pound and did not grow in height at all, so it was a bit disappointing, but he had such a great growth spurt the month before that so I try not to get too worked up about his numbers for this month. He had been sick right before his last weight check and sometimes we will see it reflected in his lack of weight gain one or two weigh-ins later .

Now the 2 week wait begins (in the mean time I need to get him up to date on vaccines, see an eye doctor and get his hearing tested again)

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