Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another birthday

Today is Dear Hubby's birthday. Being the busy family of 5, we don't have much "birthday plans" for him. We did call and all of us except trevor who was being shy sung him Happy birthday.

I am off to the store with the boys to make him my fabulous Key Lime Pie. Its easy and its delicous and lots cheaper than bakers Square.

Of course, we might not get to eat it together. I will be taking Trevor for immunizations today as it was one of the few times I could get in and I made this appt more than a month ago (and we need to get these immunizations and another set before school starts in Aug). And it is also a game night for Stephen. While I am driving Trevor to get his shots, Mike will be arriving home and then have to take Stephen to a baseball game. Baseball isn't really Mike's thing, but he is a "team player" in the house, so he will be driving to a game on his bday.
This is Michael at a "more celebrated birthday". I can't say that he has changed much!


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