Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, whats so great about fall?

I am not having a great Fall. I don't like the weather getting cold. Yes, the leaves turning colors is pretty, but then come all the leaves that blow into my garage!

To me fall means badk to school (and that means homework).

It also means I need to get out my sweaters. I now have to do a load of delicates and hang dryables (sweaters). I can't have my kids go outside through the sprinkler for a cleaning.

I wake up and its dark (because Trevor has been getting up at 6:15, its still dark).

It means sitting bundled up trying to stay warm as I watch soccer or baseball games. (My son was playing this weekend while it rained, then snowed!!)

I also don't like fall because it means fundraising time. School fundraisers, pre school fundraiser, special needs PTA fundraisers, Cub scout fundraisers. I'm fundraised out!

Another biggie for me is that fall means Halloween is coming and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I jsut don't feel ready to be all jolly yet!

I guess I am a little grumpy. It has been so wet and cold since September. We didn't get a gentle easing into fall that is for sure. I am so tired of the rain.

Send me a joke to get me out of my "fall funk"!

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