Monday, April 27, 2009

another monday . . . (and a small update on Trevor)

Another Monday.

Actually, Monday's aren't so bad . . .

Once its 8:40, its time to drop off the older 2 - which is great as Trevor and Ryan are constantly pushing each other's buttons, and fight over toys, etc. I know Trevor likes Mondays as he sees one of his favorite people, Virginia - Trevor gets speech therapy on Mondays, so its like a built in play date.

another bright spot of monday is one of my favorite shows (ever) is on tonight !- dancing with the stars! - see Mondays aren't so bad!!

How is Your Monday going?
I'm happy that we finally have Trevor's pre-school assessment eval on the calender. With his July birthday, I was not sure when they would get to his evaluation. I've been anxious to get this under way and have an idea of what kind of assistance he will get at the pre-school. A school phsychologist, Social Worker, Speech Therapist, OT and the school nurse will all be there to evaluate him.
I'm really happy with the progress he is making in his speech. He is really talking a lot more and each day is sounding better and better.
He continues to eat well and I'm sure being outside is helping his Vitamin D levels. We need to get some shots as he needs a lot before school starts, but we don't have an endo appts or Gastro appts anytime soon. An apple (and lots of choc milk and supplements) a day keeps the doctor away!!
Now, I must get back to work! I am busily preparing for my Open house - Tupperware Open house. I have tons of items in my inventory that I need to get rid of. if you need tupperware let me know (or come to my open house this Friday and Sat if you are local in the Aurora area).


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