Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank God It's Thursday

Thank God It's Thursday (Which is almost TGIF!), (it means the evaluation is done, yeah)

Tonight I am going to a Sensory Processing disorder seminar. I really wanted to go to a coupon class at the local community center, but I'll go and be a good mom and check out this seminar and see if I can learn something!
I hope I can get some "ammunition" so to speak for ryan's school. they don't see any Sensory Issues with Ryan. The OT who is supposed to be a professional or at least somewhat knowledgeable on the subject doesn't seem to understand what I understand to be the basics of SPD and how it affects my son, so I hope to gain more insight about it.

Grey's anatomy is on tonight - my VCR better get the job done!

Tomorrow is kind of a double header - i have a Mom n tot outing at the park. Course I am planning on doing some garage saling as I am surrounded by subdivisions doing garage sales and I love a good bargain. The second part of the double header is tomorrow night - The Kane County Cougars game (Mike and the boys will go - I can't go because I couldn't / don't have a sitter for Trevor - truth be told, I didn't even try, OOPPSS!!) Maybe next year we can ALL go, but I know Trevor wouldn't deal well with all the noise and commotion especially at his age and his bedtime is at 8:00.

Hoope you had a great Thrusday and I can almost get a way with saying TGIF!!

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