Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The past month is a bit of a blur . . . . . Here's a small run down of what we've been doing the past month:

The start of baseball season for Stephen ( Stephen is doing well and a pretty good pitcher!)
Several happenings at school –

Umbrellas’ for Peace Project, - (awesome project with the artist Matt Lamb to promote world peace – I got to help the kids with their painting of the umbrellas )

4th grade state Fair – (Stephen did North Dakota – the kids are so talented and creative!)

Field Days – (didn’t see much of this one because it was changed days because of poss rain)
1st grade beach party – I didn’t get a chance to see this, but this was a very traumatic day for me and not Ryan – I’ll be blogging about that one for sure! I was not picked to be a room mom for the event, then come to find out the head room mom didn’t even come and I could have stepped in – maddening!!

Last Full day of school and School assembly (June 5th)
Stephen leaving after the last WHOLE day (friday)
Ryan at the year end assembly
In the car for our last time Going for the last hour on Monday as a first grader and 4th grader!
It's over, let summer begin (stephen doesn't look so excited, does he?)

Stephen and some friends - now we will smile for the camera!
Ryan and his friend Aden

and last day of School June 8th (to celebrate we went with friends to Steak and Shake and got shakes and burgers – yummy!)

Several family happenings
Sean’s christening
(my nephew was christened in May – such a sweet looking baby)

Jimmy’s bday party (our nephew is now 12 and is taller than me!)

My mom’s visit – (she didn’t spend much time at our house, but we did have a nice time at the christening, at a restaurant to see the brothers and sis in laws and babies, and saw my aunt lil who’s 93 now and still driving)

My mom and all 5 of the grandkids (my 3 and the babies Annabelle with my mom and Sean with my sister in law Donna)

And other things happenings:

Memorial day bar b que – Thanks Kathy –we invited ourselves and forced them to have a Memorial Day bar b que (well it was your turn, I Think!) – good food!

Smores time!!

Me and Kathy - BFF's (umm, maybe I need to ask her if thats ok)

Dr. appts (another neurologist visit for Ryan– tomorrow opthamologist for Trevor’s turned in eye)

Ryan waiting for Dr. Ikramudin - Ryan is doing awesome with being on meds, but we'll take the summer off - hopefully ryan will gain some weight being off the meds

Pre school evaluation and follow up (what a disappointment to learn Trevor will only get speech) No OT, he is not developmentally delayed despite his major speech delay so no extra services besides speech once a week for an hour)

Friends birthday parties (happy birthday to Samuel, Aden, and Ben – Kelly you rock with the Survivor theme, it looked so awesome – and you are brave to have 29 kids at your house and looking like it might rain all day!)

This is at the Survivor party that Ryan's friend Ben invited him to

Ryan and one of the birthday boys - Ben

It was neat seeing all the kids in their different colored survivor t-shirts

Shop Crop and Craft for a Cure Event – I was a vendor there – anybody want to buys some Tupperware and help a great cause??

Sensory Processing Disorder Seminar – this was a great seminar! How I wish Trevor could continue in Early Intervention for a while longer so I can learn more about this

Landscaping project - Having 4 bushes/trees taken out of the front landscaping

Before with the tree by the garage door and the junipers flanking the porch

After pic - no more trees by the garage or junipers!

And the usual:

Nutritionist meetings (back off the growth chart in weight), OT, and Speech –Cub scout Meetings and events

PTA meetings and stuff

I’ll have to pick a couple of events to blog about! I hope to get some time to do some blogging about so much of these memorable events!

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