Friday, October 23, 2009

I am back!

Here I am . . .

what have I been up to, well lets see, since my last blog (July I think), Trevor turned 3, we went to Arkansas for vacation, stephen started fall baseball, ryan started fall soccer, trevor started pre school, boys started 2nd and 5th grades respectively, Ryan joined cub scouts and stephen is continuing in Cub Scouts.

I chaired Red Ribbon again this year, became the Special Needs PTA liason for NYE, became Co-Chair for Sweetheart Dance at the pre-school, am a greeter for the pre-school, am a room parent in stephen's class, a Head Room parent in Ryan's class, a classroom helper in Trevor's pre-school, volunteered for the Halloween party at the pre-school, and I'm sure I am missing things

Oh, I forgot I also agreed to the "the historian" at the pre-school. Plus, I may do some work on the directory for Young again this year.

There have also been Dr. appts, (me I was wearing a heart monitor for a month) Trevor and stephen had bone age scans done and went to the endocrinologist.

Really, I thought I was cutting back. The only thing I've cut back on is my Tupperware business. So please if you need some Tupperware, I need some orders!

So I long to blog, but lately I can't even remember what my name is of where I am supposed to be (or where my kids are supposed to be), so stringing some coherent thoughts together seems a little more than I was willing to do the past couple of months.

Today is the last day of Red Ribbon. While I am still busy with other things, I will not have this on my shoulders. It has been a full time job fo rthe past 2 weeks, and there was a lot of time put into this since school started before the past 2 weeks!

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