Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Nanny, are you available?

Terrible Twos Tuesday -

Doesn't Trevor look so sweet and inncoent?

I have to say that Trevor hasn't been getting into quite as much mischief such as getting touch up car paint all over, or emptying full bottles of Windex in minutes, HOWEVER, he is now quite demanding and whiney as of late- trying to get his way. Whenever I tell him its naptime he screams "EAT, EAT, EAT" - I know he is trying to delay naptime, and he is smart, he uses "Eat" "eat" as he knows mommy loves to feed him (my failure to thrive baby).

The terrible twos are realy testing me lately. He can be manipulative (like using the EAT, EAT, EAT as he knows I love getting food in him)-and when I am on the phone; boy he sure knows he can pester me for a cookie and I will give in). He also has the memory of an elephant - wakes up from his nap demanding whatever I bribed him with to get him down (such as going outside or watching Barney). And he definitely knows his mind and is stubborn (gee, I wonder where he got that from). But he is a funny and sweet little boy and is very affectionate (ok, I'm gonna claim being responsible for those traits too!) You should see him with his baby alive doll. Super cute! I can't wait to see what this little guy will grow up to be.

I admit, I haven't been doing my best parenting lately, so I have been contributing to the perpetuation of the "terrible twos". I know I've been giving in too much as I've got lots of stuff going on and I am just not tolerating the incessant whining, constant fighting with ryan and the colicky crying episodes that go on for an hour or two at times (almost daily after a nap and sometimes after dinner). Its hard to know what to do as sometimes I wonder if what is bothering him is a sensory issue, and if he is sick (which he is alot), I know he is not feeling his best and wont act his best. And, I always wonder if maybe he is just super hungry, or maybe he is feeling some pain from reflux, or maybe he is just off because he doesn't nap long enough. And, I know it must be frustrating when he tries so hard to communicate and I still can't understand him (because of his speech delay). So, I think because it might be something that is really upsetting him or painful, I tend to go easy on him. Lately though I've been thinking he is just used to getting his way and I need to be more consistent with time outs and such. You'd think by my third one I'd have things more figured out by now, but I don't!
I need super nanny to come over, help me sort through this and get a better game plan!

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