Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer pictures!

lazy days of summer

Trevor at the park on the last day of school
Mike and the boys at the Kane County Cougars game
Ryan and Toadie!

Close up of Toady - quite impressive!

Stephen sliding into home (after a triple he hit!)


It already seems that the summer is half over and yet it is only June 17th. The kids got out on May 28th (rather early), so maybe that is why I feel the summer is half over!

We haven't done many big adventures, but everyday we are busy! Stephen has gone camping - canoing in Michigan! Stephen and Ryan are enrolled in a tennis camp. Stephen likes it, Ryan my "I hate sports" guy isn't so enthusiastic about it. Stephen is in baseball and he is a star player (it makes me so proud to see how well he does and how well liked he is and how much the team/coaches seem to really think he is very good! He pitches, catches and has also played short and 1st. He loves pitching and catching best. He is so much better at bat this year, the improvement is so amazing to me! He is also starting to really grow. last summer a size 2 in shoes, he is now a size 5!

Ryan is loving searching and digging for bugs and rocks! We have "wormie" our beetle that the 2nd graders each brought home. Next came Taddy - the tad pole we bought at the pet store. He passed on, guess he didn't like the food (we really took good care of him:( ) Then there was Toady - a big huge toad Ryan caught on his communion day. (I took that as a sign of good luck). After 3 days, we let him go. We didn't want him to go to Toady heaven and he didn't seem to be eating much in the terrarium. Then came Mr. Froggy. On a rainy day, we went on a hike with the Pack 215 hiking club (Cub Scouts). There were tons of itty bitty and not so itty bitty frogs. He caught a little tiny thing and that was Mr. Froggy. We weren't sure what to feed him, so we put in a food pelet we had from Taddy. Today after 4 days, we let him go (we didn't want him to die from not having the right food). And, on the way to tennis camp, we caught a butterfly in the car, but he then got away!

Now as for Trevor, well he plays with his buddy next door Harrison here and there and is my little man as we seem to go almost everywhere together. We are having a battle of wills right now as I am determined to have him potty trained before he is 4 and with a summer birthday, it means getting down to business (yes, pun intended!). He likes reading and playing parking lot with his cars and he loves watering the plants outside.

Next week Ryan starts summer school. Stephen will continue with Tennis camp Mon - Thurs as well as baseball in the evenings. We hopet o get to go to the pool, but haven't been yet (how can that be!!).

As far as healthwise, Trevor goes for another eye apt end of the month. His eye still turns in a lot without the glasses, so I'm sure he will continue wit the glasses. He will go to the endocrinologist again in Sept, but he is still tiny and not eating great. We are still supplementing his food. ryan is also very low on the charts - 2% for wieght. He is underweight about as much as Trevor is. His appetite had never been great, but since we upped his meds, its decreased even more. He doesn't care for meat much. He would eat fruits and veggies every day if I let him. He does like a hamburger from McDonalds now and again. We need to take him for another apt with his ADD doctor. I know they will want to change his medicine, so I've been putting it off. He really had a hard time the last weeks of school and I am just glad lgad the school year is finished.

Trevor will get speech again next year, but I think he will not need speech after that. He is really talking and alot of it is now understandable! I have on my list of things I want to do is spending 10 mins a day with Trevor practicing his letters, but so far we've only done it a couple of times! We always seem to be off to pick up Stephen or Ryan or at the grocery store!

As for me, I am trying to get some house projects done- mostly re-organizing and all kinds of things I put off the past couple of months. I'd been so busy this school year that I didn't get to things like cleaning out closets and getting music on my MP3 player and all that stuff. I did however manage to paint most of the 1st floor rooms. We had painters for the foyer and master, but I painted in the living room, front room, bathroom and kitchen accent wall.

I want to see about taking Stephen to a sox game this year. My friend gave me some "kids club vouchers" and stephen loves the sox! We don't have big vacation plans this year. Between the money spent for my root canal, crown, car work, new washer and dryer (aargh) and we still need to buy a new vaccum, we will probably do a "stacation" type of vaction (day trips!). We did get to the Kane County Cougars game and most of us enjoyed it (not sure about Ryan and trevor).

So far we are enjoying the "lazy days of Summer"!

Books I have read

  • Friday Night knitting Club
  • The tale of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Island of Lost Girls
  • The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio
  • Nineteen Minutes
  • Kite Runner
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons