Friday, May 15, 2009

Lindy Cat is gone!

My "Little Old Lady cat" Lindy is missing. She has been gone a whole day. She has never been gone over night. I've been really so frustrated with her lately as she keeps trying to sleep on my pillow. She starts out inthe middle and when she thinks I'm asleep she creeps upmy pillow and then tries to lay on my hair. She actually uses her paw to move my hair and then tries to lay on it, all the while pulling my hair and hurting my scalp. Needless to say, I keep trying to get her to sleep at the end of the bed. Sometimes she tries sneaking up there 4 or 5 or even more times a night and its been almost as bad as waking up for newborn feeding time.

Last night there was no Lindy and I did sleep without anyone pulling my hair. It was still a terrible night as I worried about her.

She is as I said, my "little old lady". She is 13 years old (as old as I've been married). We got her as a kitten just weeks before our wedding. She is not very active and loves to just sleep and eat. She doesn't come out much when the boys are home as they are too noisy and unpredictable for her tastes (I don't blame her). But she is a pretty laid back and sweet cat and I hate to think she is out there in the rain, knowing how much she hates rain, and knowing how much she loves to eat cat food.

I have neighbors keeping their eyes open, and many tell me that cat's are smart and she'll be able to take care of herself and find her way home, but I have my doubts. she doesn't get much exercise, is frightened of her own shadow and doesn't know how to go about getting food in the wild.

I hope it stops raining. I can't imagine her walking aroun in the rain. I'm guessing she is under a bush or deck somewhere waiting for the rain to stop.

My poor old girl. Please come home!

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