Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blog catch up! the past 3 weeks!

HAVE YOU MISSED ME? I’ve missed you (well I mean I missed blogging). It’s been 3 whole weeks since my last post and I am having blogging withdrawal!

Things have been so terrible crazy as of late. Or maybe they have been just as crazy as usual, but I am energy deficient. – I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I NEED SOME SUN! Maybe its genetic and I’ve passed it down to Trevor as he is deficient in Vitamin D and needs some sun too!

Where to begin, gosh I don’t even know. I have had many things I’ve blogged about in my head the past couple of weeks, but I don’t know where to begin. And a couple times I started to blog about somethig, but then never finished and never posted.

Today is Tuesday, so I have to dedicate some of today’s blog to my Terrible Two Man the Trevmiester! Last week he threw a ball and broke the light bulb in the chandelier. I had no idea he could throw a ball high enough up to do that.

Then yesterday definitely gave me lots to blog about for Terrible Twos-Day. Trevor got open his prescription medicine and poured it all out. He had a spoon and was trying to do like mommy does and fill the spoon with it. His appetite stimulant medicine is pretty sticky. Even after washing the floor twice, it still seems sticky! I am never far when he does these things, but I guess I am not paying very close attention (I am too busy being grateful whenever there are moments of quiet and will relax for a couple of minutes till I tell myself “ok, its quiet and you are enjoying the quiet, but you know he is probably up to something or into something”). He almost always is. I was trying to organize my pots and pans cabinet in the kitchen. He walked past me and went into the den. The den is just past the kitchen, so I am still within 15 feet of him. After a couple minutes of me not hearing much to give me a clue what he is up to, I go in and am in disbelief at the scene before me. On him, on the desk, on the carpet, on the keyboard, on the chair is touch up paint. The NAVY touch paint for the caravan. I was paralyzed by the sight. I could not imagine where to begin to clean it up. Now it wasn’t the quantity, because it actually wasn’t looking like he’d thrown the little container all around and emptied it on everything. It was quite a job to clean it up, but its not like we have to rip out our carpet, throw out the desk or chair. I cleaned the paint off his feet (left it on his forehead) and decided he needed a nap. I decided to let the streaks on the carpet dry and was able to snip the top of the carpet off , and except for one little very faded blueish streak, you would never know there were several paint drips of navy on the beige carpet. It took a lot of time and patience, but the room doesn't look to worse for wear

I had blogged about 2 weeks ago, but never posted it. It was a post about the latest round of vomit at our house. Despite the cold, the flu and then this past week Fifth disease, Trevor is maintaining and even gaining a little bit of weight. He is definitely having some texture issues, but he is getting in fluids and must be eating enough (he definitely is eating enough candy cookies and sweets).

In neighborhood news, the City of Aurora is doing a “bang up job” of snow removal. They are notorious on the subdivision for knocking down mail boxes. The city’s response is that we have our mailboxes too close to the curb. My thought is, well they can see the mail boxes, so can’t they figure out how far to be when they plow? Anyhow, this weekend, my neighbor was not only de-mailboxed, he was de-treed too. It was a fairly tall tree, and the mailbox and tree were taken down, I guess the tree was too close to the curb too! Actually it seems the snow low person lost control of the truck and he tried to stop, but the truck kept going. Thank goodness for the tree or else the truck might have ended up in their house!
Ryan has been having some good weeks, but is still struggling behaviorally at school. We did see a neurologist, but I am looking to get a 2nd opinion on his diagnosis. Today we went to the allergist and Ryan has purple dots all over his back from it. He doesn’t have any allergies. The doctor talked about non allergic rhinitis (Spelling?). Basically something other than allergies presents with allergy type symptoms. He prescribed medicine that we can try when we see him having his post nasal flare ups.

Last week I spent some time in Ryan’s class room for Art Awareness. I like getting these glimpses of what he does at school. The art project was a big hit with the kids and I am learning just as much as the kids with the artists when I do art awareness. We did an “action painting” activity – marbles with paint on them and then rolled in a box. If you know your art, you might be thinking I was talking about the artist Pollock for this art awareness day, and you’d be right! Next month, I will be in Stephen’s class for art awareness, but that is a bit scary as it is graphic art and its 4th graders! 1st graders are so easy to impress, but I’m not so sure about those fourth graders!!

One of the reasons I have not had time to blog is because I have been diligently trying to get ready for taxes and also the McCarty Owen PTA resale. I was woefully behind in keeping up with expenses and even my business checkbook. And, then the stuff I am going to sell at the resale, I have to go through everything and in the process of going through a closet or a box or bin of toys, I start cleaning out the bin and box and not just getting the stuff to sell – my early spring cleaning bug has hit me. I usually have this “bug” hit me in January most years. I am too cold to go out anywhere and just feel I can’t escape my disorganization as I am home so much. Trevor is making it very hard for me this year. I take a few minutes to organize the pots and pans cabinet and he has blue paint blobs in the den.

I’ve also been being a bit of a couch potato – watching way too much tv and since I don’t have a laptop, I can’t blog during prime time when my shows are on! And soon Dancing with the Stars starts again, so Monday and Tuesday I will be glued to the TV for that.

As you may have noticed, I didn't mention Valentines day. I am turning into a guy and am just thinking, one more day I have to go out and get a card for dear hubby, sigh! I got the boys a couple of chocolaty treats and we all went for haircuts then Mother in Law watched the boys so Mike and I could go out to dinner. It was very nice to have some couple time, but nothing very blog worthy!

I must go and try to finish tagging stuff for the resale. I sure help I sell a lot. I don’t want all this stuff coming back here and me having to figure where to put it! Of course looking at what is lef tof my baby stuff is making me a bit sad. Pretty soon Trevor will be out of a crib, be potty trained and all that. Its hard to believe he is 2 1/2 already!

Books I have read

  • Friday Night knitting Club
  • The tale of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Island of Lost Girls
  • The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio
  • Nineteen Minutes
  • Kite Runner
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons