Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Winter Storm . . .

For those affected by the winter storm that started Tuesday, I am thinking of you. these are some pictures I found on the web regarding the storm. The picture below I believe to be in Arkansas not too far from where my mom lives:

Now this one is pretty scary!

I have been very surprised by the lack of coverage over it. it's all about Blago on the news. Frankly, I've had enough of that man to last me decades.

I would like to hear more about the storm, what plans are being made for all those poor people in all those states. I've been googling and googling, and it is hard to glean the type of information I am looking for.

I am very much personally affected by this storm. My mother lives in Arkansas. She is one of over a million people without heat or electricity. She is staying with a friend/neighbor. Her yard is littered with wood debris from all the trees she had on her property, big, huge trees, now lay scattered around her property. I've talked to her on Wednesday, She sounded like she was coping well. I heard about how she was doing from an aunt on Thursday and knew she would call me on Friday. She has to go out to her neighbors car, and they start up the car to charge their cell phones so they can take and receive calls. i guess i should be grateful I am able to know she is ok. But seriously, Arkansas and Kentucky are disaster areas declared by Obama - why isn't it on the news more. i do hear tidbits here and there, but not much, not enough to make me feel informed. I remember watching all the news after hurricane Katrina. I remember all the news after the Tsunami. this might not be quite as big, but it is pretty big.

My mom is in a kind of rural area. So many trees are down and giant icicles falling off trees that it is very dangerous to just be out walking. There is no way to get anywhere by car. She would just slide down the huge hill her house is on. and the stories of people who get out to get supplies only to find there are no supplies to be had. to get to a gas station and it not have any gas at the station. Or if it has gas, having a 10.oo limit of gas (how far can that take you in rural country areas!). I have read stories about shortages of water.

this makes me very, very nervous. the stress is really so much for my mom to deal with. It was just a few days ago, the 1 month anniversary of my dad's death. Now my mom is dealing with this on top of that.

I am grateful that my mom is with a friend/neighbor. They have heat from the fireplace, and when I last spoke with her they had water. A man did go and get her insulin for her diabetes. Still this is taking such a toll on her, I can hear it in her voice. Her house doesn't appear to be damaged by the breaking trees (hopefully this is true and will remain true as she is just about to put it up for sale).

And, my mom is one of the lucky ones.. . . She has a warm place, with a bed to sleep in, a friend for company and her dogs with her. She has her medicine. They have food and water.

I pray for her and all the rest. Please let it not take till mid Feb for power to be restored for all the people in Kentucky, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri (and one I am forgetting)

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