Monday, January 26, 2009

Pinewood Derby time for my Weblos Cub Scout!

It was a busy weekend here! Saterday was Pinewood Derby - the racing of the pinewood cars by the Cub Scouts!

Stephen did good. He placed 1st in the first 3 heats. But they do rank according to time and first according to den. Stephen ended up with a respectable 28th finsih (out of 50).

Considering the time constraints, the car came out nice!

Stephen and his car

Stephen getting ready to push the start button for the 4th run

Above : This was the last race, and this one was the one Stephen got 3rd place in - can you tell by the fuzzy blurs in the pictures!

Stephen after getting his 2nd place trophy (2nd place for his den)

A group picture (I don't see many Weeblos in there - they are in the tan shirts)

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