Friday, January 9, 2009

Read at your own risk - I'm on poop patrol

My blog has been filled with sadness, grief and ramblings of a mad woman for the past month. I am trying to think of something uplifting to blog about, but I got nothing”. Instead, maybe some more ramblings from a woman losing it. (and be prepared, this is gonna be messy!)

So, today is day 2 in our prep for the fecal fat quantification. “Fecal what what”?? You ask? Right, well it is FECAL FAT QUANTIFICATION. After our latest trip to our Peds GI, he is having us collect poop for 3 days. Not just a sample, but I am to collect all of the fecal matter. Now this might not seem like such a terrible job if you are a mom or a nurse. But then again, maybe you don’t have the type of “pooper boy” that I do. Trevor has never had solid stools. They have always been lose and runny since I can remember. They just vary in degrees but usually are like pudding – unless I let him have regular yogurt, then it is runnier and ickier (I know great technical terms I am using).

So, first day I did what the Dr. told me and I put the diaper on backwards so the more plastic part of the diaper was on the instead, Thus the poop would not soak in. After day 1 we had wet through and me and Trevor both smelled like urine as the pee totally ran out. Even after I did the one diaper inside out then put an additional diaper right ways over it, it did not stop from the pee seeping through and getting all over. So last night I decided to try something else. I took my Saran wrap and I cut a piece to fit the inside of the diaper and taped it in there. It had to be just right so it would cover the poop area, but not cover the pee area. It worked very well, but Trevor is a Sensory kid, so of course the plastic in his diaper made him uncomfortable and he kept telling me he had a boo boo in his butt. So we are a little over our 48 hours into the 72 hour span. I have collected 4 samples so far. I have to say they are small deposits, so not sure how the test will work – It seems a bit less than he usually “produces”. Yesterday I almost lost my cookies trying to scrape the pudding out of the backwards diaper. It does seem to come off the Saran wrap better, but the stools were also not as runny today, so that helped too.
Tomorrow I get to take the samples out of my fridge and bring them to a lab and get more blood work. At this point I am a sheep and just doing what they tell me. Not sure I quite know what exactly they are testing for, but they are looking into things which is better than not knowing what else to do which is how I went home from the Endocrinologist last month and it seemed that was what was going to happen at the last appt with the GI doc. I believe they are checking to make sure Trevor doesn’t have any absorption issues to explain his malnourishment. I know they will check his immuglobin and some other things and I guess that may tell us how his immune system is working.

So tonight after I finish blogging, I will be taking 2nd dear son for a CT scan – I believe to check for an infection in the brain (again I am a sheep and was in such a hurry to get out of the dr’s office and on the road to Arkansas I wasn’t totally following what the next step was for him).
Tomorrow will be another fun day of collecting Trevors “little presents” and then off to the school for some kareokee. The kids have their Winter parties tomorrow as they were cancelled due to snow days the day before witner break. So I get to leave my poop patrol for a couple of hours and go watch the kids dance and goof around.

With all the diaper du du collecting, and dr appts, who had time to stop and grieve for my dad. I do find myself thinking of him often and when I need a good cry, I come to my blog and listen to the music that reminds me of him and see his pictures.
Wish me luck in my last day of poop patrol. It does smell a bit foul in here, time to go check for a deposit. (aren’t you glad I am not inserting pictures!!)

I was trying real hard to come up with great euphanisms for those "little brown beauties", but I am fresh out.

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