Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Potty Time! "One upon a potty, potty"

It's time to "potty".
Yesterday Trevor patted his diaper and said "potty". Off to the potty we go. I take off his dipaer (before I realized he had some business in there!) and I cleaned him up a bit and sat him on the potty. After a minute, I asked if he was done andhe said yes (he hadn't done anything yet). I took him off and continued to clean him up and as I was finishing wiping, he whizzed on the floor a bit and said potty. So I sit him on the potty again and cleaned it up, but he was all done.
I'm proud that he initiated going potty and he knows the connection to sitting on the potty. Woo hoo for Trevor!!

Not bad for his first potty experience, right? He again this morning said Potty and headed toward the bathroom, trying to take off his pajamas on the way. Now i need to go downstairs and find the little potty seat. And I need to break out the "Once upon a potty, potty" tape! Maybe we will play with his baby boy, "baby alive" doll (it is anatomically correct and pees!).

My little baby is not so much a baby anymore! Of course now that I am easing into potty training, the thought of the Fecal Fat collection runs through my mind. We have to re-do the collection of Bm's for 3 days since the lab would not except the "deposits" because they were not in there own containers (ridiculous says my doctor!).

Now I can't get that darn potty song out of my head!


  1. Ugh - that potty song!

    "Now we're going to the potty, potty!"

    Make. It. Stop!

    I'm right there with you. Diaper free in '09 baby!

  2. Ethan is almost there. I was surpise how easy he took to it. He is doing a great job. I guess it helps having older brothers.

    Now I have the potty song stuck in my head.


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