Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Terrible Two's Teusday - Trevor and the kitty litter and the carbon monoxide detector

Terrible Twos Teusday

While the "terrible twos" are not always so terrible; they are alwasy interesting. I know some toddlers get a bad rap with the verbage of terrible twos, but mine is again going through some "terrible two" edness.

Just a few days ago my little terrible two year old saw his opportunity to live up to the terrible twos definition.

Friends had come to the door looking for Stephen to come out and play. After he talked to them at the door, he decided to go out and play and ran upstairs to change. Ryan shut the door, BUT DID NOT LOCK IT. Trevor being Trevor noticed this. He went to the other door and got his boots and put them on. Then went back to the front door and out he went. Its about 10 below zero and he is outside in his boots. We realized he opened the door and went out within seconds of him getting outside, but none of us had any shoes on so we called to him to get back in and reminded him how cold it was outside. So guess what happens next. He backs further away and smiles at us. Then mean mommy me tells him to GET INSIDE NOW in my angriest voice and even with that he still stood there coontemplating whether he would obey or not.

right now I think he may be opeing up candy on the island. He whizzes around on the kitchen chairs and anything on the countertops, stove, or island is fair game to him as its in his reach. Excuse me a moment while I try to curb the massive sugar intake . . . . .

Ok, sugar consumption crisis taken care of . . . . . (and just so you know, I had the candy out as a bribe to get him to take his medicine. How low I've stooped as a mom!)

I do like the things toddlers say at this age. They are very interesting conversationalists!

I will never forget being in Factory Card outlet when Ryan was about this age. He was REALLY, REALLY into Thomas and all the Thomas trains! We were in line waiting to check out. There was quite a line in front of and in back of, which made what he said (or should I say shouted - or so it seemed to me) all the more embarrassing. Now I don't mean to be vulger, crass or offensive, but he clearly said PUSSY! And then he said it a couple of more times. Now I knew right away he meant "Percy", but that is not how he pronounced it. (Maybe people who come up with characters for kids TV cartoons should reflect on this). So I, a little more loudly than normal, said "Oh yes, I see you are looking at PERCY" and then ever so slowly looked around to see if anyone was still staring!

another one of those embarrrasing times was when we were in Meijer passing the "intimate apparal" section. Ryan said very loudly (his normal voice is very loud!) "Look mom - booby holders!"

Now I am going through that stage with Trevor. He doesn't have a ton of words yet, but I can tell already I am going to have many embarrasing moments ahead if I should ever go out in public with him!

We were trying to get him to say YES. He can say yah, but doesnt' pronounce the S, so we've been doing lots of S sounds and keep saying YES! Can you guess what he turned the yah into? SHET (sounding like SH@T with an I!)

I forgot about Sunday's Terrible Two moment. I went to take a shower. The kids were off school and so i had waited to take my shower as we lounged around in our PJ's. i went to shower and told Stephen to keep an eye on Trevor. So, of course you know he didn't. After I got out of the shower and was dressing I could hear the distinctive sound of the kitty litter being scooped. So I knew once again that Trevor had scooped and tossed lots of kitty litter (hopefully not the kitty turds) all around the hallway. Stephen was downstairs so engrossed in some cartoon or something that a burgler could have broken in and never been seen or heard.

And, of course we had a Terrible Twos moment yesteday as well. Again I went for a shower (I got to stop doing that!) and Trevor knows this is his chance to wreak havoc on the house. I come out of the shower and hear the carbon monoxide detector going off. It was plugged in and working. Treovr had sprayed hair spray (tons of hair spray) in the hallway causing it to go off. I don't know why, but Febreeze or other cleaners sprayed (even non aerosol) make the detector go off. Again after a few minutes my other two finally come up the stairs to see what all the noise is about.

Today he also decided to "wash the baggie of scrambled eggs I had out on the counter (was to be my breakfast but thats what I get for trying to start a load of laundry and leaving food out - I'm so good at telling the boys don't leave anything out that you don't wnat trevor to touch, but apparantly I forget sometimes too. ) And then he decided to wash the blueberries in a container onthe counter. We are almost out of Palmolive thanks to my little dishwasher (and food washer).

Wonder what he will do today for entertainment (or embarrasment) value. We do have his Early Intervention yearly eval here today - maybe he will be napping then!

Now i must go and save the kitty litter. I heard Trevor walk up the stairs and he just loves using the kitty pooper scooper next to the kitty box. Barney isn't keeping him tuned in so much these days, sigh!

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