Monday, January 12, 2009

Another test for Trevor

Another day, another procedure for Trevor . .

After last week's Fecal Fat Quantification, just about anything is preferrable to help us get some answers about Trevor and his lack of weight gain. I don't have any answers from the Fecal Fat quantification, but hope to hear something later this week.

So, today we were at Edward Hospital for Trevor's CF sweat test (cystic fibrosis). It went better than I anticipated. I did have to wait 45 mins for them to call him back, but then they hooked him up to a small little device that induced heat and then put this round "thingy" on his arm to collect sweat and we went of to JambaJava for lunch (just out the outpatient procedure doors) with his sweat collector on and then back to check and see if he sweated enough after 1/2 an hour. I've heard stories of people doing this several times (waiting a couple of hours) in trying to collect enough sweat.

I'm happy to say, it was "no sweat" or should I say, it was enough sweat! When we came back after lunch, his little sweat collector was removed and it was deemed to have enough sweat!

We left home for the procedure at 10:00 and are already back before 1:00. (And this time I was even able to go straight to my car - my car always seems to park itself somewhere else from where I remember leaving it).

My big appt of the day is over, wheww. I am happy to have this off my to do list (its been on it for a year - it didn't seem much of a priority as it was a very slim possibility, but now they really are looking to get things ruled out). I should have the results as early as tomorrow.

Now to get ready for tomorrow. We will see Florence our nutritionist. I am actually looking forward to this because I think Trevor has been eating well lately, so I'm hoping for a nice weight gain! I am usually very anxious and worried when we have a weight check, but not this week. IT has been a month since our last weight check as we had to cancel our last appt due to going to Arkansas.

Next week will be Trevor's Early Intervention yearly eval. After that hopefully things will settle down a bit and we will be back to our normal therapy appts and dr appts without all the extra meetings for EI (Early Intervention) and procedures.

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  1. Wow - what a week, and it's only Monday. Glad the test went well - hoping for good results!!


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