Monday, January 19, 2009

Today was a mixed bag

I survived 5 days of being home with the kids during the winter with 3 days being too cold to play outside! Please spring get here soon!! We had 2 playdates this week which was really nice to keep the boys out of each others hair. Mostly though we spent the time just staying in and haning out. (which is what tends to get the boys all rambunctious and wild!) Below are a few pics from a playdate at a friends house (thank you Kathy for letting us eat your food and mess up your house!)

Ryan and Aden

Stephen and Maia playing a computer game

Trevor and Cole - what buds they are!

What to do when its 30 below? Play Gameboy in your warm n fuzzy robe says Ryan!
Stephen on the other hand prefers Playstation or WII (again notice the nice warm n fuzzy robe)
then me and my little man just snuggle on the couch with our heating blanket!

Today at least was not as cold as it had been, but it was a bit of an irritating day. I got a call that the vitamin D supplement Trevor's endocrinologist ordered is not covered by insurance and it is almost 200.00!! The insurance will only cover pill form. A 2 year old can't swallow this huge pill - get real!

I also got a call today that all of Trevors Bm's that I collected for 3 whole days was not accepted at the lab to perform the Fecal Fat Quantifiaction. apparantly I am supposed to have their sterile containers to send it in (They are in Wisconsin - my lab here and my doctor never mentioned this. Now that really just nauseates me to imagine goign through that again!

I learned this week that I did not need to have Trevor's test for CF on Monday. I learned on Wednesday that Trevor can't possibly have it since I was tested when I was pregnant with him and I did not have it.

Sometimes it really just feels like I am spinning my wheels and the whole medical community is laughing their butts off at me!

Today I had a developmental therapist at my house. i had gottent he impression that even though the speech therapist had said we might want to have him have speech 2 times a week that he was still doing well. I didn't get that impression from the developmental therapist. Apparantly I was saying he could say words, but they weren't the actual words - they were aproximations, so they don't count for total words (I thought they did). So his speech development seems to be more lacking than I thought. On the bright side - with his OT and the speech, he has a better chance to get into Prairie with an IEP and I won't have to pay that (thank goodness becuase I will need that to pay for everything my insurance is not covering!)

Seriously though, there were some nice moments of the day. I was very proud of Trevor today. He may not have many recognizable words, but he showed the therapist just how smart he is. He really is very bright. I don't know why he is not progressing with the speech (coudl it be the colds and ear infections affecting his hearing - yep, quite possibly!), but he definitely is a smart little guy (ok maybe he isn't coutning into the teens like some other toddlers I've heard, but he is starting to count a bit.

Another highlight of the day was a package that was delivere dto me. In it were fresh flowers. Beautiful flowers in condolances of my dad's passing. It was such a nice feeling to know someone was thinkin gof me and remember ing my dad.

I also got another picture of my dad. I got an email from a recentlty aquainted family member and she had a picture of my dad as a five year old. It will be cherished.

And, I finally finished the book for book club. I suffered through "Great Expectations". not my favorite, but I'm glad its done!

So I guess I can look at today as having a glass half full or half empty, maybe i'll go with half full! Now onto tomorrow - (Tomorrow is Evaluation Day for Trevor and Early Intervention.)

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  1. Hey Michele, I'm sure that Trevor will catch up with the speech in no time. I would definitely put more weight on what the speech therapist tells you over the developmental therapist. I have been told that of all of the therapists, the speech therapists have the best overall knowledge of child development. And, especially speech. I'd "ok, thanks" the DT and forget move on. If she has something that she wants to add to Trevor's plan, great, but don't worry about it. I think Charlie has a lot of years more of speech coming up. I still have 3/4 getting speech...maybe peer modeling is the problem here. ;)

    Hang in there.


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