Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anybody into scrapbooking?

Just a quick shout out to everyone.

Its Sunday evening and the kids have been home from school since Wednesday - that is 5 WHOLE DAYS!! 5 days with 3 boys, 3 cats, + 1 messy house + big christmas present shopping detail + major birthday project to complete ASAP= crabby mom.

It looks like a bomb went off in my house. I've been working on my mom's scrap book for a surprise gift. Did I mention I've never scrapbooked before? Imagine that with all the pictures I take and how fastidious I try to be about recording all the "firsts of the the kids" and always have my camera at most friend and family functions. I had been very good about putting pictures in photo albums till I got my digital camera. Now it's too easy to take too many pictures and then too expensive to have them all printed. I am only about 2 years behind in getting pictures in albums, not too bad, right? Anyhow, as I mentioned I keep photo ablums, and I keep up the baby books and little photo albums for each of the boys (little one for them for when they are older, big one for me), and I faithfully take them to the portrait studio to get updated pictures and try to get them in frames within a reasonable amount of time. Yet, I had never tried scrapbooking. I am an avid genealogist, avid picture taker, like crafty things, so it would seem scrapbooking would be right up my alley, but I guess somehow the scrapbooking bug jst never got me. . . . . . . . .

That is until yesterday! It seemed like fate as I dropped off my disk to get prints from the photo department of Meijer and happened past the "Craft section" of Meijer along the way and as I looked down the aisl,e I noticed all these 50% off signs. So naturally I decided the photo ablum I was going to do was now going to become scrapbooked. Now I am planning on sending it tomorrow - another little snag in my plan, but I will plunge forward with my grand idea and give it a go.
I have put together some pages, not terribly intricate or anything, but I guess slightly better than plain. Of course I still have 100's more pictures to go through and put in the album. Its become apparant that there is no way I can use all of the pictures unless I make it an album with over 50 pages, so now I must make tough decisions.

I truly did not think scrapbooking would be stressful. I guess it wouldn't be if I didn'thave such a time constraint and no knowledge of this craft. I've spent lots of money - you wave a 50% off sign in front of me and sometimes I can go overboard! I got plenty of stuff to hopefully do baby books for the boys and maybe one for vacation and one for mike and I - of course this totally is in violation of my soon to be New Years Resolution of not bringing more into the house till my house is organized and cleared away. (Amvets is coming in 2 weeks, and that is just not soon enough for me!)

So, any scrapbookers out there?? I may need some pointers!!

PS - Despite the kids getting restless on days 4 and 5, its been a pretty nice Thanksgiving week.
hope you (whoever you are that reads my blog) had a great Thanksgiving too.

Wish me luck!

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