Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankfulness; to be or not to be? HAPPY THANKSGIVING

I had intended to start out a post about being thankful and hopefully after I get this vent out of my system I will get to that. However I am feeling a bit grumpy after last night and not feeling at all thankful, even feeling a bit let down by the clothing manufacturers, buyers/designers or whoever is in charge of what goes into the retail stores..

On my to do list for a couple of days is making sure I have turtlenecks for the boys. I still hadn't gotten to that yesterday and knew time was running out. I did want yesterday to be a fun family day since the boys were off, so we decided to go to the movies (bowling was out-voted by the movies, imagine that!). So by the time we picked a movie, it was nap time for Trevor, so Trev and I stayed home. So much for my "family fun day". In a way, I was "Thankful" for that as I did get some laundry done and got to continue on my mom's birthday present (a video montage and photo album for her 60th).

Later we went to Applebee's for dinner. A bit of a treat as we are trying to cut back on eating out and haven't been there in ages. (And I was very thankful for the gift card we had to use there)/

Evening is approaching and I realize I still don't have turtlenecks for the boys' Thanksgiving outfits yet. I had been to Walmart and Target earlier this week and did not find them there.
So this is where my vent begins. Do the clothing designers and manufacturers/buyers not know that if they sell boys vests they also need something under them? Yes, button down shirts are nice, (and I did order some shirts for one of the outfits) but I am pretty practical and need turtlenecks for the other outfit. How hard can it be to find creme turtle necks for boys. Sounds easy, right? I mean come on I ordered sweater vests and dress shirts from Gymboree (red with creme trim) and I ordered sweater vests and cords from The Children's Place (brown with some light brown and creme argyle-ish type design). So, I needed creme turtlenecks! I checked online and one of them (forget which one) had them online, so I figured the store should have them right? Wrong again. They did have them in the baby sizes - thank goodness Trevor fits in 18 mos. Most stores do not have any boys turtlenecks and at other stores they did not have any creme. they had girls turtlenecks with little hearts or a little something to make them girls, but not any boys! Some had red or white or navy. (or some silly colors like bright yellow and bright blue). What do the clothing people have against turtlenecks. They are versatile, go with most things and are a great shirt for sweater vests. I started off my journey at Gymboree and got one baby sized turtleneck. They did not have any for toddlers or boys at all. next I went to The Children's Place - no creme to be found and barely much of a selection at all. the Gap was my next spot - no boy turtlenecks at all. Next it was on to Penneys (I saw a brown one and picked it up thinking it would match - nope!) Penney's had no creme. on to Sears and Lands End - nope and nope on the creme. Lands End did have some funky colored ones for boys (what boy wears bright yellow? Not many). now I am starting to feel a blister as I go from store to store to store.

Did I give up, no! I've been out shopping and looking for turtlenecks for 2 hours and no I did not even stop to look at anything else as tempting as it was with the Pre-thanksgiving sales! Next I went to the Gap driving away from the mall. I did find a boys turtleneck in the "toddler boys" section. So hopefully Ryan will fit in a size 5T - A 5-6 in boys would have been better, but I was taking what I could get. I did get an almost off white long sleeve crew neck that I hoped I might be able to use as last resort(when I got home I realized it was really white and not even a bit off white). My journey continues to Kohl's. Again no creme. this is where I picked up a brown one but it is definitely the wrong shade of brown.

I know this seems so silly to post about, but I was so dejected and exasperated (you know I am stressed when I start using big words!). So maybe now that I blogged about it, I can move on with my life. OK, I know that is overly dramatic, but hey I was on a role.

Fast Forward to today, this AM.
I am looking at the outfits, still not knowing what I'll put together, but its technically Thanksgiving so time to give Thanks.

I am thankful for the extra exercise I got last night. I really needed to work off the food from Applebees and I would probably not have done much exercise had it not been for my trip to the mall and everywhere else.

I am thankful for my kids as always. They are always a strong presence around here, and Can't imagine it ever being quiet enough to sleep in with their boyish and rambunctious play.

I am thankful that our family is relatively healthy for this holiday. We tend to be sick most holidays (Pneumonia, bronchitis, severe flu have been Thanksgiving, Christmases, Easter and Halloween over the years). Ryan and Trevor may have some mild colds, but they seem in fine spirits.

I am thankful that I am not cooking today. my MIL is cooking and will give me left overs, so I can enjoy my favorite for a couple of days (and hopefully not cook much in the next couple of days)

I am thankful for my new camera that I got this summer. It was a bit of a splurge, but I love knowing I will have it to capture Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

I am thankful for my husband (of course). He may not like changing diapers and doing homework with kids and making Trevor do his listening therapy and help with lunch and breakfast on weekends, but he does it any way.

I am thankful for my family. Some (maybe most??) of my family members are a rather disfunctional and quirky group of people, but hey, family is family and I would rather have them in my life than not!

I am thankful for my wonderful friends. Some have stuck around despite me getting crabbier in my old age. And, some I have become re-aqinted with and reconnected with because of my school reunion and Facebook (THANKS FACEBOOK!!)

I am thankful that in today's economy, my husband has a good job and we have a nice home and are able to put gas in our cars and keep food on the table and our children decently clothed (even in matching sweater vests at times!).

Those are just some of the things I am thankful for.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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