Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Trevor and our neighbor Harrison
Trevor, ryan and stephen all set to go trick n treat!

Ryan with his friend Connor (and our little neighbor harrison was fascinated with the lighting!)

Stephen my Ninja with his pumpkin

the Boys in our yard
Stephen the Ninja, Trevor the devil and Ryan a skeleton

The boys and their pumpkins

We had a great Halloween. I was so happy that Halloween was on a Friday. I was so glad that the daylight savings didn't start till after halloween. I was so extremely pleased that the weather was so nice and I didn't have to figure out how to keep the kids warm with their costumes on. And, although half the family is sick, we all were still able to enjoy Halloween. - Trevor was sick last year. Last year after I got him all dressed in costume I took him outside to take some pictures and could tell that he was super tired and not feeling good and wouldn't want to be trick or treating. I was dissapointed that the first year he could actually walk, he wouldn't be trick or treating.

It is surprising that with all our good fortune with the weather and good health and all that - well that the boys didn't bring home as much candy as last year. I guess I should be ok with that, but I do depend on the kids halloween candy bags to sustain me through November and since they didn't get as much, it will be harder to sneak my rations without them noticing!!!

Ryan was Spiderman for the day, and then a skeleton for the evening. Stephen was a Ninja and Trevor was the devil (ok so the ninja had weapons, and there was a devil - does this make me a bad mom promoting the devil and weaponary?? I was even wanting to dressed up myself, but I couldn't find a costume for a queen that I really liked in my size and everything else was well, too revealing and sexy for going to the boys school. (I am tired of being a witch - and no wise cracks about that!!) Mike even got into costome and scared some people in his Monk outfit (no he wasn't the guy from Star Wars!!) He even seemed to frighten Trevor for a little while. Daddy was in regualr clothes when we left for trick or treating and when we came back there was this strange looking guy in trevor's eyes. I tried my darndest, but Trevor just would not smile for the camera. He is still such a cute little devil, REALLY, he is!!

Somehow, we managed to lose a spiderman costume, so originally Ryan was spiderman, but then for trick or treating he became a skeleton. Even though I was at the school doing my job as room mom as the kids wore their costumes during the room party and then I was there as they all changed back and somehow we still ended up getting home at 3:45 getting ready for trick or treating only to find we did not have the spiderman costume. I went back to the school and to the classroom, but didn't see it. I just have no idea how this happend. Usually this would totally mess up my day, but we do have 3 bins of halloween costumes to chose from and Ryan quickly chose to be a skeleton (I wish I had the time to put some face paint on to match the costume).

The best part of my day was the report cards! Stephen got straight A's!! And Ryan didn't do too bad either. While there are some things he gets N for needs improvement, he really is making progress in my opinion. Wish me luck, Teacher conferences are Tuesday and I may need it with his teacher as we seem to have very different views on how to handle Ryan in school.

So now its November!! I hope you are all planning to vote on Tuesday if you haven't already!

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  1. Love the costumes. I notice with 3 boys now, it's alot harder to get all 3 boys to look and the camera all at the same time, much less smile. I think the pics turned out great.
    Good job boys on the awesome report cards. GL with conferences.
    Anne, RAB mom


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