Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One month till Christmas

Today is Tuesday - 2 days before thanksgiving. I am feeling awfully anxious. I don't know why, thanksgiving is not at my house. I am not bringing anything but pie ( and its store bought). But just knowing that Thursday is right aroudn the corner, then comes black friday and then a week after that is my mom's birthday - well its just too close to Christmas and my to-do list is just not shrinking!

I am happy to report that I am about 80-85% done with Christmas shopping. I even started on my Christmas newsletter. I had the boys picture taken for a Christmas pic for the wallets to put in with the Christmas newsletter. I have purchased 2 sets of outfits to be worn for the holiday season (at Mike's work party the kids see Santa, so they need to look nice and I hate to dress them up 4 times in the same outfit for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, Santa's party etc so I try to buy 2 nice outfits and then try make due with their clothes for the other parties and outings - My boys don't have a lot of stuff that doesn't have a stain or rip or something on it somewhere.)

I have emailed out my kids Christmas list to fam and friends (I set it up at Toys R Us online - i hope all that time is worth the effort and we don't have lots of duplicates this year!!).

I have even decided on my new years resolution (ok, so my resolutions generally are the same most years, but this year, I'm gonna really go for it! - Exercise, lose 4 lbs, get organized, stay in touch with friends better, get organized (yes, I already mentioned it, but this one is a biggy here!).

I've decided I'm going to keep my Christmas cookie baking to a minimum (gotta make some rum balls and some mint choc chip and maybe one or two others!).

I'm even considering cancelling book club for Dec. I doubt if very many people will come to Dec's book club and it would be one less thing on my list if I didn't have to read a book for it!

I'm planning on skipping a lot of the black Friday shopping that I usually tend to do. I did pick up some side gifts for the boys at a PTA resale back in October and have made the most of sales and coupons through now to get most of my shopping done (yahoo!). So, unless there are just some "too good to pass up" things out there, I may not even go out at all on Friday!

So, I guess I am not in terrible shape for the upcoming holidays. I have tons to wrap, and lots of Xmas newsletters mail (after I finish it), and my Halloween decorations are still up outside, and I still have to pass out my scout's popcorn. (And, I am still working on my mom's photo album and slide show for her 60th birthday (which is just 1 week away - I think that may be late, ut oh!! - My family have been rather slow in getting me some of the pictures I've requested!!)

I'm curious, for those of you who read my blog and might post back, how are you getting on your holiday to-do list? I really am just trying to get myself into more of a holiday spirit of goodwill instead of the holiday spirit of being totally frazzled!! So give me some words of encouragement!

I want to wish you a laid back Thanksgiving week. The kids are off tomorrow and I am going to try really hard to make it a family day without a bunch of "mom jobs" to get done before we have our fun time. Wish me luck on that one!

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