Monday, November 3, 2008

Trevor and his re-occurring "under the weather for November" pattern

This is Trevor in November 2006 (almost 4 mos old) Notice the nebulizer equipment on the table in the background. He is getting over phnemonia. (but look at that smile)

This is Trevor last year around Halloween. (Notice the Tiger costume on the couch). He again needed nebulizer treatments.

Its now officially November. I am in denial about that as I am enjoying this marvelous weather we had today and should have for a couple more days. I am also sick as a dog!! I've had a horrible cough that is sounds so bad that people get out of my way at the grocery store and don't seem to want to touch anything I have touched, lol!
But its not just me being sick that is making me grumpy. Trevor is still under the weather too. He has been sick for almost 10 days. He would cough so hard at night ( several nights in a row) that it sounded like he was choking. And, actually a few times has thrown up because he had so much post nasal drip that it made him cough so hard he threw up. (Now I am doing that!) It's tough being in this household as we don't seem to have much resistance to any colds and viruses. I do clean my house, I do try to make the boys sanitze their hands after they get home from school and before the eat and such. Still, we are sick so much of the time, which is one of the reasons I do dread the winter months.

I was looking at old photos and realized that last year (when he was 15 months), Trevor didn't go trick or treating as he was sick (we gave him nebulizer treatments). The year before not long after Halloween (right around Thanks giving), trevor had phenmonia and RSV.

It was a little depressing to have the nutrionist here today. He has lost 5 oz since his last visit with her 2 weeks ago. He did grow 1/4 of an inch in a month, so that is something. It always seems 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. Hopefully he will gain his weight back and then some very quickly after this latest cold is gone. At least we haven't had to give him nebulizer treatments this time! Lets hope next year he won't be sick!

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