Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terrible Twos-Day

Its "Terrible Twos-day"

Yep, Trevor is two, but actually I have to say the terrible twos are not bad at age 2, they were bad at 18 mos-about 24 (or maybe up to25 mos but mostly back in the 18, 19 month range). I couldn't leave him alone for a second back then or he would roll his kitchen chair (his step stool on wheels) all around the kitchen. He wheeled it over to the microwave and started it (i was close by and got ot it in 2 secs so no problem). He had poured out the salt more times than I can count (yes I did move it to higher up counters and such, but it somehow would end up back on the table and in his sight of vision). He also liked starting up the dishwasher, and taking all the little sticky things on the inside of the cabinets so they don't slam hard. And lets not forget throwing out Tupperware bowls and over 100 dollars of stamps. i really was at my witts end back then. Thank goodness he has always been cute and I could mostly laugh. And those are just some of the things I am remembering off the top of my head. I wondered how I would keep him safe, stay sane, and not get some bladder problems from trying to wait till nap time to use the bathroom.

So anyhow, technically he is 27 months and definitely two. But the twos are easier in lots of ways than the 18 mos, 19 mos period. He does understand when i tell him he has to finish a meatball before he can have a cookie. He is much better at anticipating things, and he loves to clean and be helpful (really he loves vaccuming, dusting, windexig, doing dishes, putting stuff in the dishwasher and he loves putting clothes in the washer - he flings the clothes in the washter from down below when he hears me start the water running. He is pretty smart and although he doesn't have many words yet, he definitely understands a lot more than you would think he does.

His latest thing is having temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Pretty typical, but I laugh my butt off watching him do it. The temper tantrum isn't the funny thing, its how he does it. I hope to capture it on tape. When he is in the kitchen, he knows the floor is hard, so he gently "throw's himself down on it and then gently knocks his head on the floor, and then looks to see if we are watching. Try as I might, I can't help but laugh. It is too funny watching him be so gentle knowing if he isn't that he will hurt himself. So obviously he isn't not really having a tantrum - he's testing his manipulation skills.

I've been a bit lax about time outs with him, but he threw peas today at me during my dinner (he was already done with his, but decided he wanted my peas, but then didn't want them). So he went to time out. I know it is not funny and I did put him in time out, but it is so hard being the disciplinarian with him at times because he is so cute and funny and for so long he was just such a crabby crabby baby (silent reflux and not being able to communicate and being lactose intlerant will do that to you!). so anyhow, he did his time out and I told him to say he was sorry - he signed it and then we hugged and all was better.

I definiltey think the terrible twos have their moments, but mostly this is a fun stage aside from the tantrums and the daredevil stunts he does that will give me heart palpitations.

We go to a little class called Little Learners on Teusday. It's a mom and tot class. I really like going to see how other 2 year olds are. Sometimes its a good measure to see how my little one is doing. Its easy to baby him because he is so tiny and speech delayed, but he is pretty smart and doesn't need the baby-ing probably as much as I want to give it. I remember a year ago he was in Little Learners for the first time - it was a very tough experience. He cried, did not want to let go of me so I could get my coat off. Did not want anyone to sing his name (made him cry). I believe we did leave early several times. I was just learning about his Sensory Sensativities this time last year (and it was about this time he was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive). What a difference a year makes. He is doing wonderul in the class. he loves the class and even has little "friends".

So maybe the Terrible twos aren't so terrible. Maybe I might even consider calling them the Terrific twos - he is eating well, sleeping well, gaining some weight, talking more, getting over some of his Sensory issues. So all in all, I am really liking the Two's!! (Except when I open the fridge and meatball sauce is oozing out of it and leaving marks like a blood trail along my kitchen, sigh . . . . )


  1. Yeah sometimes two's is not that bad. At least they are cute when they do it right.

  2. Nothing is better than when they hit that 2 1/2 mark - kind of like a puppy - too cute to stay mad too long.



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