Friday, November 7, 2008

Ok, I've been quiet for a long time, but now I am willing to share my political views with you

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  1. Hey Michele, I have a few minutes for a quick response, but I don't think that I can cover as much as you did. I don't think you should apologize to anyone for having the opinion that you do. I also find it strange that you think you are in the minority. Your guy won. I guess everyone feels they are in the minority. As a Conservative-Republican, I feel like I am constantly surrounded by Liberal Democrats. It must just be an insecurity that we all feel.

    I'm trying to feel the love for Obama and get excited about the change, but it is tough. I find it really ironic that a Chicago politician is viewed as someone without ties to real politicians. I found the Jeremiah Wright thing extremely disturbing. Shortly after that came out, I went on the church's website and found the beliefs of the people that attend that church to be very upsetting. They have since changed the website, but I can assure that people that have beliefs in line with how they explained their "mission" do not understand your life here in suburbia one bit and you do not have the slightest understanding of theirs. If what Obama has said is true and his beliefs are not in-line with Rev. Wright, then I guess we're ok. I'm not sure that I believe that, but we'll see. How about his buddy Rezko? Doesn't that relationship affect your view that Obama is not a real seasoned politician?

    Honestly, none of these personality flaws that may or may not exist even came into consideration for me. They do make it hard for me to understand how everyone is so in love with him, but vote is based on my pro-life values, my feelings that the Middle East is extremely scary and I think our military needs to be over there and my fears of what the democrats will do to further enable the citizens of this country to sit on their lazy bums. I do not disagree that the rich people should pay more in taxes, but I do believe that there should be great rewards for people that take the risks of owning a business. I also think it sucks that successful people in this country work very hard, provide great benefits to the citizens of this country and world and this government taxes them to death and then squanders their money on social programs that reward people for failing. The number of people that do not pay any taxes at all is appauling and completely unfair. It irritates me that Obama keeps calling his plan a tax cut. It is not a tax cut, if you aren't paying any taxes to begin with. That is welfare and redistribution of wealth. Where is the incentive for these people to get up and succeed. Grrrr....

    Ok, I'm done. ;)


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