Thursday, April 23, 2009

just me being grumpy!

Excuse me in advance for my grumpy gripe of the week.

Are you having a bad day? I am having a bad day, even a bad week. I can't seem to stop getting irritated over the little things. I spent 30 mins trying to figure out what my WaMu password was - never did, but when I made a deposit, the lady let me change my password right there in the bank (course I don't remember it now AGAIN!), so now I have to go find the envelope I put my new password in and user name (have to have at least 8 spots and has to be a combo of letters and numbers - this is complicated for a simple girl like me!)

And today I was fighting with my Tupperware card. As a consultant I get this Tupperware "Freedom" card. It makes it easy to directly deposit my commision and to take out money when I submit parties. I have this card, but have never gotten my freedom rewards and now after 3 years, I am going to figure out why. I hear other consultants talking all the time how they got their catalogs free from their rewards points, yet I continue 3 years later to continually have to pay for every single sales aid and catalog.

Yesterday my major irritant was the transition coordinator at the pre-school. I know when we had a meeting back in March I was told that Trevor would be evaluated for pre-school in April or may. So, I have anxiously been awaiting a phone call to set up his evaluation. It was mentioned at the meeting that they like to get the majority of their evals done before school is out for the summer, and that Trevor might qualify for summer school, so I should expect a call in late MAr or April to set up the eval for late April or May. So when I call yesterday she tells me she never said that - WTH - I was there and I know I didn't dream it up! I needed to know how soon the eval can be done so I will know if Trevor will be qualify for tution free or not. Pre-school is expensive. Almost 200 a month! She was pretty darned cranky about the whole matter, guess she isn't having a good week either!

And, I am not even going to do more than mention an email I got from Ryan's services coordinator - let's just say that did nothing for my mood either. Only 2 more months and school is out for the summer, I have to keep telling myself that.

Its the little things that are getting me grumpy this week. I spend so much time spinning my wheels with nothing to show for it.

To get me out of my grump funk, send me a cute joke if you have one or a "feel good" quote - i need some cyber love sent my way!

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