Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a pretty low-key one (no one had any energy after the 2 birthday parties the day before for Ryan's 7th birthday, and the easter egg hunt on that day too).
the boys were up early as usual and checked out their Easter baskets. The bunny had some great things in there (and this year hardly any candy, thats what I'm talkin about!). Stephen got a game for his WII, a light up cup, some books, a music CD, pencils, pens, a light up toy, a webkinz, a dinosaur egg (that will hatch) and a few other things. Ryan got a checkers game, music CD, books, pens, pencils, a water toy, light up cup, a webkinz, a dinosaur egg (that will hatch), a Scoobie Doo DVD and some other things. Trevor got lots of wind up doo dads, some books, a doggie in a car toy, a Curious George DVD, a Calliou DVD and a couple of other things. I am happy to say that at least half of the items in their baskets came from a children's resale event that I attended back in Feb or from other things I picked up for christmas or last easter or a birthday, but never was given out - I am trying hard to get my house cleared out of all the "stuff" i have everywhere!
After oohing and aahing over their great Easter baskets, it was time for the Easter egg hunt(the Easter bunny always hides eggs all over the first floor of our house). That was fun, but short. Even Trevor was getting into the collecting of the eggs (becasue he figured out they had candy in them or money in them!).
After wards we went to church - we are trying to remind the boys what Easter is really all about. Last year Trevor was horribly sick - i have one pic of him laying on the couch propped by pillows next to his basket. He was too weak to even lift his head for the picture. Stephen and Mike went to church and as they were exiting, Stephen started throwing up. Ryan was the only one to even see the Easter bunny last year. So this year was a success! Trevor was fighting a cold, but everyone was able to enjoy the day. After church we just hung out at the house. Trevor seems to really do well at church because he like the music. (Note to self - get church musci with organ playing for when Trevor is crabby)

Mike put together the new bike for Ryan. Trevor, Ryan and I had some fun with "screature" and "baby alive". Screature is this dragon/dinosaur creature that screeches, tries to bite, and puffs out his wings (and will squirt water if you put water in him). Ryan saw it on TV and fell in love with it. then baby alive got into the action and poor baby alive was being bitten by screature! I have to admit, it is always fun to see what the boys will do next with their toys and how they play with them. Of course after about 1/2 an hour and I kinda wish screature was just a tad bit less loud.

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice Easter. Your boys are so cute and I miss seeing all of them!!!!


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