Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ryan's IEP meeting - he is no longer "dev. delayed"

My IEP meeting for Ryan seems like months ago. I was so stressed about it and really worried about it and lost sleep about it for weeks ahead of time. I had the meeting the day before I left for Arkansas, back on March 26th. Then there was spring break, so no “little Lily” notes from the teacher (these are to tell me he had a bad day and what his alleged offense was). Yesterday was back to school, today they were off again as the school is a polling place. He did get a Super Day on Monday and I was happy to see that.

Briefly to sum up the meeting, Ryan no longer carries the designation of “developmental Delay”. They tell me he is not delayed academically. He is very bright and when he wants to, he is a great student. With the tentative diagnosis from a neurologist of ADHD, I wondered what the school would have to say about Ryan. They did quite a bit of testing on him, even a test for aspbergers. Apparantly he has excellent communication skills in some areas(5 grade level), but his social communication skills are below a 1st grader (it all made sense during the meeting, but it was a couple of weeks ago now!) (I need to go back and re-read the reports, and I need to call his neurologist as I have some questions for him as well)

To sum it up, he still has an IEP with OHI (otherwise health impaired) designation. A kid with ADHD would have this designation. Good news for Ryan is that he won’t be going to summer school. Thank you god for that! He absolutely crabbed about it every day of summer school last year.

I am so relieved it is over and cannot wait to get 1st grade behind us. I have not been very satisfied with the school, or the teacher as far as helping Ryan. I’m so glad he is doing well academically, but we had a lot to do with it, and not so much the school! Now we have to work on his social skills and work habits. I am hoping his upcoming birthday party will help him with his friendships and be something to keep his spirits high as he goes to school this week .

In other news, Stephen got straight A’s! Trevor gained 10 oz in a month again!

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