Thursday, March 26, 2009

Road trip . . . going to Arkansas

I'm off to Arkansas tomorrow.
For those of you that know me, you may be laughing your a@@ off to hear me say I am driving to Arkansas by myself. Well, all right, that is not exactly true, I will have my friend GPS with me. But see if you still really know me, you know that THAT isn't much better. We just got the GPS this weekend and I am so tech-challenged, not sure if I will get it to do what I want or need it to do. As far as my navigational skills, well I have been known to get lost in my own town on occasion. Even so, I am not too nervous about the trip. I am going to help my mom pack and sort through things and just to visit with her. I will be childless for a whole week - This is a very, very, rare occasion. I am not one to go away for a Girls weekend. I'm lucky if I get a girls night out a couple times a year. I am nervous about leaving the boys of course and I know I will miss them tons, but it is exciting to think I won't be changing a diaper, or filling a sippy cup or driving the kids to school or practicing math facts for a whole week!
While I am away, my birthday will come and go. . . Leave me some birthday wishes, I know you silent (non-followers) are out there and are reading my blog and I love to see posts on my blog, so shoot me a line if you can.

For your entertainment and in honor of my birthday (yes, I am going to be 30 and I'm sticking with that) here is a little pic of me at umm, 30 years ago. No, I do not have any Eskimo heritage in me (I do get teased by my aunts who referred to me as the Eskimo baby)

OK, stop laughing, I may not have been the super cutest baby as a newborn, but i did get cuter, see (although what is up with the mohawk hair style - thanks mom)!
And this one, well its only been a COUPLE OF YEARS AGO (in my umm early 20's, yep, thats right!) and I haven't aged a bit, have I? And in case you are wondering, I did that "Glamour Shots" studio pics and had my picture taken as a present for Mike, no I don't go around dressed like that with a come hither look on my face! If it embarasses you, go ahead and close your eyes!

Happy Birthday to me in a few days! See you after spring break!

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  1. Happy birthday! I love you girlfriend!!!
    Have a safe trip and see you when you get back!


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