Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Nanny, are you available?

Terrible Twos Tuesday -

Doesn't Trevor look so sweet and inncoent?

I have to say that Trevor hasn't been getting into quite as much mischief such as getting touch up car paint all over, or emptying full bottles of Windex in minutes, HOWEVER, he is now quite demanding and whiney as of late- trying to get his way. Whenever I tell him its naptime he screams "EAT, EAT, EAT" - I know he is trying to delay naptime, and he is smart, he uses "Eat" "eat" as he knows mommy loves to feed him (my failure to thrive baby).

The terrible twos are realy testing me lately. He can be manipulative (like using the EAT, EAT, EAT as he knows I love getting food in him)-and when I am on the phone; boy he sure knows he can pester me for a cookie and I will give in). He also has the memory of an elephant - wakes up from his nap demanding whatever I bribed him with to get him down (such as going outside or watching Barney). And he definitely knows his mind and is stubborn (gee, I wonder where he got that from). But he is a funny and sweet little boy and is very affectionate (ok, I'm gonna claim being responsible for those traits too!) You should see him with his baby alive doll. Super cute! I can't wait to see what this little guy will grow up to be.

I admit, I haven't been doing my best parenting lately, so I have been contributing to the perpetuation of the "terrible twos". I know I've been giving in too much as I've got lots of stuff going on and I am just not tolerating the incessant whining, constant fighting with ryan and the colicky crying episodes that go on for an hour or two at times (almost daily after a nap and sometimes after dinner). Its hard to know what to do as sometimes I wonder if what is bothering him is a sensory issue, and if he is sick (which he is alot), I know he is not feeling his best and wont act his best. And, I always wonder if maybe he is just super hungry, or maybe he is feeling some pain from reflux, or maybe he is just off because he doesn't nap long enough. And, I know it must be frustrating when he tries so hard to communicate and I still can't understand him (because of his speech delay). So, I think because it might be something that is really upsetting him or painful, I tend to go easy on him. Lately though I've been thinking he is just used to getting his way and I need to be more consistent with time outs and such. You'd think by my third one I'd have things more figured out by now, but I don't!
I need super nanny to come over, help me sort through this and get a better game plan!

Monday, April 27, 2009

another monday . . . (and a small update on Trevor)

Another Monday.

Actually, Monday's aren't so bad . . .

Once its 8:40, its time to drop off the older 2 - which is great as Trevor and Ryan are constantly pushing each other's buttons, and fight over toys, etc. I know Trevor likes Mondays as he sees one of his favorite people, Virginia - Trevor gets speech therapy on Mondays, so its like a built in play date.

another bright spot of monday is one of my favorite shows (ever) is on tonight !- dancing with the stars! - see Mondays aren't so bad!!

How is Your Monday going?
I'm happy that we finally have Trevor's pre-school assessment eval on the calender. With his July birthday, I was not sure when they would get to his evaluation. I've been anxious to get this under way and have an idea of what kind of assistance he will get at the pre-school. A school phsychologist, Social Worker, Speech Therapist, OT and the school nurse will all be there to evaluate him.
I'm really happy with the progress he is making in his speech. He is really talking a lot more and each day is sounding better and better.
He continues to eat well and I'm sure being outside is helping his Vitamin D levels. We need to get some shots as he needs a lot before school starts, but we don't have an endo appts or Gastro appts anytime soon. An apple (and lots of choc milk and supplements) a day keeps the doctor away!!
Now, I must get back to work! I am busily preparing for my Open house - Tupperware Open house. I have tons of items in my inventory that I need to get rid of. if you need tupperware let me know (or come to my open house this Friday and Sat if you are local in the Aurora area).


Thursday, April 23, 2009

just me being grumpy!

Excuse me in advance for my grumpy gripe of the week.

Are you having a bad day? I am having a bad day, even a bad week. I can't seem to stop getting irritated over the little things. I spent 30 mins trying to figure out what my WaMu password was - never did, but when I made a deposit, the lady let me change my password right there in the bank (course I don't remember it now AGAIN!), so now I have to go find the envelope I put my new password in and user name (have to have at least 8 spots and has to be a combo of letters and numbers - this is complicated for a simple girl like me!)

And today I was fighting with my Tupperware card. As a consultant I get this Tupperware "Freedom" card. It makes it easy to directly deposit my commision and to take out money when I submit parties. I have this card, but have never gotten my freedom rewards and now after 3 years, I am going to figure out why. I hear other consultants talking all the time how they got their catalogs free from their rewards points, yet I continue 3 years later to continually have to pay for every single sales aid and catalog.

Yesterday my major irritant was the transition coordinator at the pre-school. I know when we had a meeting back in March I was told that Trevor would be evaluated for pre-school in April or may. So, I have anxiously been awaiting a phone call to set up his evaluation. It was mentioned at the meeting that they like to get the majority of their evals done before school is out for the summer, and that Trevor might qualify for summer school, so I should expect a call in late MAr or April to set up the eval for late April or May. So when I call yesterday she tells me she never said that - WTH - I was there and I know I didn't dream it up! I needed to know how soon the eval can be done so I will know if Trevor will be qualify for tution free or not. Pre-school is expensive. Almost 200 a month! She was pretty darned cranky about the whole matter, guess she isn't having a good week either!

And, I am not even going to do more than mention an email I got from Ryan's services coordinator - let's just say that did nothing for my mood either. Only 2 more months and school is out for the summer, I have to keep telling myself that.

Its the little things that are getting me grumpy this week. I spend so much time spinning my wheels with nothing to show for it.

To get me out of my grump funk, send me a cute joke if you have one or a "feel good" quote - i need some cyber love sent my way!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ryan turned 7!

One of my babies turned SEVEN Saterday! Where does the time go?

Ryan turned 7 on Saterday. It is usually a hectic time of year as Easter is right before or after his birthday. And, you never know what to expect of the weather. It wasn't great weather, but it was nice enough that we went outside for the pinata. this year we decided to have a lego party. I thought it would be more economical than the Pump it Up and Bouncetown of birthday's past. Of course there is more planning involved and more cleaning (before and after) involved. We had never done a lego party or gone to one, but it sounded like fun. Ryan and stephen both still really like legos and are always making stuff with them.

We had 7 boys (8 if you include Ryan, 9 if you include stephen) at the party. We had a lego party. The boys seemed to like it, but there were a couple of boys that were hard to manage (easily bored and wanting to do other things while I am trying to let everyone finish building their tower/structure).

We did have the birthday boy in time out. He got mad when after the pinata broke, we had him step back because he was in the mud. Other kids went and got candy that was by his spot (so he decided it was his candy and they were stealing it). He was yelling, crying and so upset over a few pieces of candy. He wouldn't calm down and was accusing kids of stealing, so I had to put him in time out and every 5 mins I went over and asked if he was ready to join his friends - all he had to do was not talk about candy - but he continued in time out. Finally when he was out of time out, he was next to the boy he accused of stealing and I said lets be friends again and next thing I know the other boy is crying and Ryan is again raising his voice insisting he has his candy. The poor little boy had even given him a couple of pieces of candy to try to make it better. These are the moments that I just don't know quite how to handle. I told Anthony that Ryan was sorry and had ryan say he was sorry. And then I asked Ryan wouldn't it be better to be friends than to lose a friend over a peice of candy. And I explained it is much better to talk it out as he accused someone of stealing adn teh other person had no idea what he was talking about. i had them shake hands and hopefully it is all forgotten.

Kids birthday parties are supposed to get easier as the kids get older right? Doesn't seem to be happening here.

Anyhow, I would recommend a Lego party. They did enjoy the building of the legos. We used small legos for a build whatever you want session. Had a contest to see who can build the biggest tower in 30 seconds. Guess how many legos are in a jar. We also got out the big Duplo legos and they had fun with those for a while. We had snack time and present time and then pinata time. The party itself would have been good, but there were a couple of kids who were hard to keep interested and wanted to keep wandering off (like into the front yard while we all were in the backyard).

Now I have 2 months till Stephen's party (and 3 months till Trevors bday) - maybe we will do something even simpler than legos!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a pretty low-key one (no one had any energy after the 2 birthday parties the day before for Ryan's 7th birthday, and the easter egg hunt on that day too).
the boys were up early as usual and checked out their Easter baskets. The bunny had some great things in there (and this year hardly any candy, thats what I'm talkin about!). Stephen got a game for his WII, a light up cup, some books, a music CD, pencils, pens, a light up toy, a webkinz, a dinosaur egg (that will hatch) and a few other things. Ryan got a checkers game, music CD, books, pens, pencils, a water toy, light up cup, a webkinz, a dinosaur egg (that will hatch), a Scoobie Doo DVD and some other things. Trevor got lots of wind up doo dads, some books, a doggie in a car toy, a Curious George DVD, a Calliou DVD and a couple of other things. I am happy to say that at least half of the items in their baskets came from a children's resale event that I attended back in Feb or from other things I picked up for christmas or last easter or a birthday, but never was given out - I am trying hard to get my house cleared out of all the "stuff" i have everywhere!
After oohing and aahing over their great Easter baskets, it was time for the Easter egg hunt(the Easter bunny always hides eggs all over the first floor of our house). That was fun, but short. Even Trevor was getting into the collecting of the eggs (becasue he figured out they had candy in them or money in them!).
After wards we went to church - we are trying to remind the boys what Easter is really all about. Last year Trevor was horribly sick - i have one pic of him laying on the couch propped by pillows next to his basket. He was too weak to even lift his head for the picture. Stephen and Mike went to church and as they were exiting, Stephen started throwing up. Ryan was the only one to even see the Easter bunny last year. So this year was a success! Trevor was fighting a cold, but everyone was able to enjoy the day. After church we just hung out at the house. Trevor seems to really do well at church because he like the music. (Note to self - get church musci with organ playing for when Trevor is crabby)

Mike put together the new bike for Ryan. Trevor, Ryan and I had some fun with "screature" and "baby alive". Screature is this dragon/dinosaur creature that screeches, tries to bite, and puffs out his wings (and will squirt water if you put water in him). Ryan saw it on TV and fell in love with it. then baby alive got into the action and poor baby alive was being bitten by screature! I have to admit, it is always fun to see what the boys will do next with their toys and how they play with them. Of course after about 1/2 an hour and I kinda wish screature was just a tad bit less loud.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Countdown to birthday party

Countdown to Birthday party . . . . .

2 days (actually it is just shy of 2 days)

We are having a lego birthday party. I am expecting about 8 or 9 boys. It is in my house (this i try to not do inside parties, and having 2 summer babies, it works out well to have parties on the deck). But its my spring baby's 7th birthday party and we are tired of inflatables type parties (Bounce Town, Pump It Up, and before that a party at the Eola Community Center with a large slide and jungle gym type thing)

I am trying to figure out games; guess how many legos in a glass jar, build the tallest tower in a minute, drop legos into a jar, and just build your own creation. We also have some easter figures to paint with water colors and a pinata. We were going to do an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard, but it will only be 50, and some areas are still moist and I don't want a ton of mud tracked in. We will have cupcakes and are giving away a little lego kit as party favors.

I Still have a lot ot do, but I think it will be a good party for him.

Its hard to believe that almost 7 years ago, I had Ryan. time goes by so fast! Then I have to get ready for Easter.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ryan's IEP meeting - he is no longer "dev. delayed"

My IEP meeting for Ryan seems like months ago. I was so stressed about it and really worried about it and lost sleep about it for weeks ahead of time. I had the meeting the day before I left for Arkansas, back on March 26th. Then there was spring break, so no “little Lily” notes from the teacher (these are to tell me he had a bad day and what his alleged offense was). Yesterday was back to school, today they were off again as the school is a polling place. He did get a Super Day on Monday and I was happy to see that.

Briefly to sum up the meeting, Ryan no longer carries the designation of “developmental Delay”. They tell me he is not delayed academically. He is very bright and when he wants to, he is a great student. With the tentative diagnosis from a neurologist of ADHD, I wondered what the school would have to say about Ryan. They did quite a bit of testing on him, even a test for aspbergers. Apparantly he has excellent communication skills in some areas(5 grade level), but his social communication skills are below a 1st grader (it all made sense during the meeting, but it was a couple of weeks ago now!) (I need to go back and re-read the reports, and I need to call his neurologist as I have some questions for him as well)

To sum it up, he still has an IEP with OHI (otherwise health impaired) designation. A kid with ADHD would have this designation. Good news for Ryan is that he won’t be going to summer school. Thank you god for that! He absolutely crabbed about it every day of summer school last year.

I am so relieved it is over and cannot wait to get 1st grade behind us. I have not been very satisfied with the school, or the teacher as far as helping Ryan. I’m so glad he is doing well academically, but we had a lot to do with it, and not so much the school! Now we have to work on his social skills and work habits. I am hoping his upcoming birthday party will help him with his friendships and be something to keep his spirits high as he goes to school this week .

In other news, Stephen got straight A’s! Trevor gained 10 oz in a month again!

Books I have read

  • Friday Night knitting Club
  • The tale of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Island of Lost Girls
  • The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio
  • Nineteen Minutes
  • Kite Runner
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons