Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We are on the charts (Weight and height)


We hit the chart! NO not the music charts. We aren’t musically inclined, we don’t have any new CD’s coming out. I’m talking the growth charts baby!! So although I have been super busy and so much is going on that I need to blog about, I just got to blog about this happy, happy event!!!
My favorite thing to blog about seems to be Trevor. He is my baby after all, and he does have his challenges with his Failure to Thrive, his speech delay his sensory issues, and all things being 2!

Friday was CRAZY BUSY! To start the day, we had an appointment with the endocrinologist. I didn’t have anxiety and worry over this appointment as a lot of appointments I do. After his last weight check with the nutritionist, I was feeling good about my little Trev.
It was a great meeting. She looked at him and said he looked healthy (his skin color looks good, he has some body fat on him, etc. ) Plus, she noticed his hair! It is growing (finally)!. He hasn’t had a hair cut in over a year and he only had a slight trim back when he was 19 months old.
Trevor weighed 24.6 lbs (that is with clothes on, but still even subtracting clothes, it’s a great weight!) He is now ON THE CHART at almost the 3rd percentile for weight! WOOH WOOH!! This is up from under 1 percentile in December!! For height, he is close to 15 percentile for height, which we’ve seen him climbing slowly, but steadily for several months.
I was so excited to have it confirmed that he really is growing. Not just the Ped, or the Gastroenterologist or the Pediatrician, but all of them have had appts with us in the past 1 ½ motnhs and even with having the flu, he has been doing well! The nutrionist does weigh him every 2 weeks and will measure height once a month, so I knew about how much he would be weight wise and height wise, but out of all the Dr.’s, having the endocrinologist tell me how good he is oidng seems to make it more real. This appointment made me so happy because he was sick in February with a cold and also the flu and he did have 3 ear infections from early Dec - Feb, so for him to maintain and even gain was wonderful.
I have been feeling good as the past couple of weeks his appetite has been ferocious! We did up his cyproheptadine to 2 times a day (half tsp) a few weeks ago, and are keeping up with his polyvisol with iron and his Cal-Ma Zinc liquid supplement . But I have stopped adding the proteinex in his juice.We will see the Dr in 6 months, and before we go for the visit, we will have another bone age scan done as well as blood work. Dr. tells me that since he is gaining and growing, there is no need to repeat the bloodwork at this time (being that his prealbium and Vitamin D was low and his phosphorus had been high back during his last bloodwork done in Dec). I am assuming that his growth hormone level is in the normal range now as well.I drove home with tears falling down my face. They were happy tears. Some days are just so hard, but then a day like this with a Dr. appointment like this makes everything seem like everything is good in the world!

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