Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day to celebrate for Stephen

This blog is for my oldest son Stephen. He was an easy baby (even with him being a premie). He is a great kid, and makes me so proud. He is a little shy, quiet, sensative and super smart (straight A's or close to it) and I don't have many challenges with him, so I don't blog a ton about him.

I did want to share a picture of him; Saturday was a special day for Stephen, it was Reconcilliation time for the 4th grade religious Ed students. I was at a Spring Expo, so I was not at the church with him, but I helped him dress in his “Sunday Best” and he looked so handsome. He of course did not want to wear the vest, but for a little while longer, I am imposing my motherly influence on his attire for special occasions! (Now his hair, well that is a tough one, I am trying to let him make his own decisions, but his hair just is not looking very good lately)

He is growing up so fast. I am glad and blessed to have such a good kid. Stephen - May you always be blessed, and may your faith and relationship with the lord keep developing.

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  1. Congratulations to Stephen for this milestone!! You are so blessed to have such 3 wonderful boys.


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