Tuesday, October 28, 2008

being the tech challenged person I am, I am once again having some troubles!

Ok, I think I mentioned long time ago (long before I even told anyone I had a blog, long before I gave out my blog information for people to read it) that I am very technologically challanged, and computer challenged! New gizmos like cd players, DVD players, cell phones, new comuter programs, rpinters, copy machines and the likes usually give me problems when I try to use them
Well, another example from today: So I am looking at my blog and thinking about making another entry and I notice in one of my posts that I actually ahd someone post a comment. that was a month ago. Now it only took me 15 mins to be able to read it, but I finally read the post. Now I know my blogs may seem pretty tame (and I guess they are) and I don't find them near as interesting as blogs thatI follow so I don't expect a lot of comments, but I was wondering when someone would finally post a comment. To think its been there a month now and I just found it. I even have one follower (thanks carolyn) - hope its not too boring and too sporadic for ya!
I would love to add music (and I've tried to get my own music playlist) and i've tried to change the set up and all, but that is awefully advanced stuff for someone like me! And to think I used to really know my way around computers (ok, really I didn't, but I did my job as an Admin Asst to 3 architects well enought that they didnt' realize that! I knew micro office, word, excel, quickbooks and knew enough about Access well enoughtto do my stuff!)

i either have to speed up, or technolofgy has to slow down so I can try to catch up! I think I might want an IPOD or an MP3 player for Christmas, but heck who knows how long it would take me to actually use it! I got a new camera a couple of months ago and I am proud to report that I am actually trying out the features and functions and playing around with it - I actually feel pretty semipro carrying around that nice proffessional looking camera (no its not an SLR, but pretty close!). Maybe some day I will get a GPS system, now wouldn't that be something!!

But ok, yes I am making progress in getting to figure out ne technology, but Is til have so long to go. I am counting the horus till dear hubby gets home so he can figure out why I canonly receive email and not send it out today (We got a new computer last year and mike finally got it up and running on Friday and the new Outlook express and the internet are having problems - and NO ITS NOT A USER PROBLEM, lol cuz he is having the same kidns of problems. The big difference between me and my dear hubby is that he will be able to figure them out!!

Sometimes I feel like such a dweeb! I want to be a very "with it" and "happenin lady", but lots of times I feel like little ole granny trying to learn to drive!! Ok, stop laughing now!!

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  1. Here's a comment for you...I love comments too.

    I'm struggling with technology stuff too. I like getting new stuff and figuring it out, but once something goes wrong, I have no idea how to fix it anymore. I'm ready to call the "geeks" to fix our goofy desktop. That stupid thing is a mess and I have no idea how to fix it.

    Good luck with your email & get the Ipod, I'm sure you'll figure it out!


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