Thursday, October 23, 2008

babies, babies, everywhere

Baby Annabelle Hope born in August Baby Trey just born last week!

Congratulations to my wonderful friend Kathy who just had her 4th baby. He is such a sweet little baby (I'm sure easier for me to say from the sidelines! But I have had 2 special needs babies, so I don't know what a more typical newborn is).

He is so sweet and angelic looking. I keep finding ways to invite myself over so I can see him (and hold him). I do miss the baby stage, so this is a great way for me to indulge myself with a "newborn baby fix". Its so easy to love the newborn cry (cuz I'm not there at 3:00 am and sleep deprived) and the newborn smell (I've not been there to get a whiff of any stinky diapers - although he was quite gassy the day I saw him in the hospital). I love the little fingers and the toes and how cute they look when they root around lookin' for the milk supply. They are so portable when they are little - sleep anywhere, you (if you are brave and have a "hiderhooter" or nursing shawl) can bring them anywhere and feed them. It almost makes me wish I was going to have another one. They all have such individual and unique personalities and its been fun seeing each one going through different milestones. Truth be told, I'd love to have another one if I was guaranteed at least a couple of the following things might happen:

1. If I were just 1 or 2 years younger (I hate that ugly phrase "advanced maternal age"

2. my pregnancy would not be one where I have morning sickness for 25-29 weeks as with my other pregs

3. my babies didn't have a history of colic and sensory sensitivities - both Trevor and Ryan had those and it makes for a very tough first year!

4. If I had relatives and friends right around the corner that would babysit whenever (or if I had enough money to hire a nanny)

5. If I had enough money that putting 4 kids through college wouldn't be an issue

6. If my special needs kids that I already have didn't require as much time, attention as they do right now

And, of course my husband is definitely feeling done, so this was just purely in a perfect world type of wish! Of course god only knows for sure, but I am fairly confident that we will stay a family of 5. I love my boys, I just wish they wouldn't keep growing up so fast on me!!!

anyhow, I digress! this was supposed to be a post about baby Trey! not about me!! I hope Trey and Trev and Trey's brother Cole will be life long friends and that I will continue to see him as he grows. My two brothers also this year have been on a journey to fatherhood. My youngest brother had his first baby this past August. My oldest brother who is turning 40 this week is expecting his first baby in November. I kinda wish I had been preg with their wives and my friends so we could share the excitement together, but Trevor came along and completed our family and so I get to watch from the sidelines and remember all the milestones my kids went through as I see and hear about their kids going through their milestones!

Congrats to Brad and Nicole on their beautiful baby Annabelle!

Congrats to Kathy and Brian on their beautiful baby Trey

Congrats to Todd and Donna who are expecting their baby Shawn in November!

Babies, babies Everywhere!!

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