Thursday, September 25, 2008

A day in the life of me! A busy, but good day

Another day, another post. Hey maybe I am getting good at this (probably just a fluke 2 posts in 2 days!)
Todays itinerary: Kids dropped off at school (actually we walked)

Get back home and get food and stuff ready to take over to a neighbor down t he street - We are co-hosting a baby shower
Go to previously mentioned babyshower and do hosting duties

Get home and email high school friends about upcoming reunion, enter Tupperware orders and anything else I can get done in the 1 hour that Trevor is sleeping and in the time before I pick up kids. And also, play ring a round the rosey with Lindy my cat that kept circling my car but wouldn't go inside the house!

Go to school and get the boys. Next pick up cat carrier at a friends house. Take cats to the vet (all three of them - thought they had worms, but maybe it was just maggots EEWWW!) Rush home and look over kids homework.
Next book club.
A lot packed into today. The baby shower went well. Cats have thier shots up to date.
I feel like I squeezed 30 hours of stuff in 24 hours, but I think it was a successful day, YAAHH! I'll have to post more another time about the shower, but for now its time to rest.
HAPPY FRIDAY (ok, its not technically Friday yet, but it will be in an hour!)

Books I have read

  • Friday Night knitting Club
  • The tale of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Island of Lost Girls
  • The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio
  • Nineteen Minutes
  • Kite Runner
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons