Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's photography time at the baseball field!!

It's already July and the boys will be going back to school in just over a month. now that Trevor will be going to kindergarten, I've decided I am going to invest some of extra time I will have on my hands in a hobby. I have started taking a photography class. It's a basic digital class, but it has really been inspiring me to look at things and find a picture in all that I look at. After the first week, I already was thinking about things I want to take pictures of and how to compose them

the camera has been clickin away a lot this summer! So much to photograph - I seem to want to take a picture of everything, so now hopefully maybe I will have not just photos, but awesome jaw dropping, make you smile pics in there.

I took TONS of Stephen's baseball team. Ialways take a lot of pictures of Stephen's baseball team. I put together a photo montage and share it with all the families, and I don't want anyone to feel left out so I take zillions of pictures (ok not zillions, but defintiely hundreds, probably about 1200 or more!). I just put my camera in burst mode and keep shootin!

while Stephen's baseball team the rockies had a tough year on the field, you might not know it from looking at the pictures.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos, sadly, last night was there last game so I will have to find other subjects to photgraph.

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  1. PS - in the first photo above, it should be noted that Stephen did inf act catch the ball that he was up in the air to get!!


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