Friday, July 4, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

I have often heard the phrase lazy days of summer. I always look forward to summer (I am not a cold temperature lover and don’t have any wishes to have snow during the winter). But besides the warmer weather, why do I look so forward to summer? I thin part of it is that I always (every year) have the misguided notion that things will slow down and I will get to a zillion things that stay on my to do list for months (and years). Yes, I don’t have to drive the kids to school, but I still have to get up early (earlier actually than the school year) to get Ryan up and ready for summer school. I find myself racing against the clock most days to get this done before the bus comes to pick up in the morning, get that done before the bus drops off in the afternoon, get other things done before Trevor naps (can’t vaccum or do laundry during nap time) and so on. Since it was summer and I thought we would have more time for fun stuff, I let each of the older boys pick an activity and then they also get swim lessons. Between the swim lessons, baseball, gymnastics, therapies/Dr appointments (Trevor has speech, OT, food therapy and a nutritionist); I am busier than ever. Plus throw in a Tupperware party here and there and I wonder who was in charge of my date book! Still I do love the summer if only for the break from mandatory homework (yes I still make the kids do some homework type things, but not everyday and not the amount they would have from school). So in the past 2 weeks, I have taken the boys to 5 swimming lessons, 2 dr visits for stitch removal (Trevor had 10 stitches in his knee from a June 10th injury), 2 friend’s birthday parties, 2 birthday parties for Stephen, 2 visits from the OT (Occupational Therapist), 2 visits from the food therapist, 2 visits from the nutritionist, 2 trips to the Eola Center for gymnastics, 2 trips to the Vaughn center for baseball, 1 Tupperware party, 1 trip for the “Meet N Greet” for Ryan’s summer school program, 1 book club meeting and another appt that I actually missed (I missed our gastroenterologist appt because I wrote down the wrong day).
My calendar is a bunch of pencil scribbles everywhere – I need one that has twice as much space for each day to get all that I need written in.
So if you see me or talk to me (or email me) and I seem a bit clueless (or worse frazzled and stressed) take pity on me and understand I’m busy as the CEO of the Linden household jumping from task to task. As I sit there writing this, I am thinking about all the things I should be doing, but we all need a break here and there, right?
Summer is a fun time; walks outdoors, trips to the park, or even just swinging on the glider outside – I guess I need to write those kind of appointments in my datebook – they are just as important! I am planning on taking the kids to the pool later for some fun in the sun, and a lazy day of summer fun in the water!

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