Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the birthday blues

It's my birthay, sigh. sniff, sniff. sniff.

Thank goodness for technology. All my facebook friends are remembering my bday. And I got a call from my friend who I hear from about once a year now, and my mom and my aunt, but other than that this birthday is a pretty non -event. Where are the balloons, champagne, and all that stuff. I was feeling pretty depressed about this bday coming all year long, and now I'm even more depressed. I guess I am at an age where I shouldn't care about birthdays, but I have had my hand at planning quite a few 30th, and 40th bdays and showers and the like in my time and was sure hoping for more than this. I guess I could have put together my own celebration, but it was just too depressing to think about. I even put a post on facebook looking for someone who wanted to go out to lunch with me today, but no takers. Instead I stayed home vaccuming, windexing and straightening up. It's beautiful weather outside, but I don't seem to have the gumption to get off my pity party and go enjoy it.

About an hour ago, my middle son asked if it was my birthday today. I said yes, he said ok. Maybe there is hope for the rest of the day, but knowing my husband as I do, I doubt it.

Maybe I will just go to the mall and splurge on myself. Shopping therapy as I call it.


PS - after just about being done with my post, my sweet boy Ryan comes into the den with a handmade card for my bday from him and Stephen. He is a very thoughtful little guy.


  1. So sorry to hear your birthday wasn't what you hoped. For what it is worth, my husband isn't very good at birthday or anniversarys. (Today is our anniversary-- I surprised him last week with Cirque de Soleil tickets, he sheepishly said last night "I didn't do anyting for you" I knew he didn't.

  2. I wouldn't have minded so much, but it was my 4oth. I threw him a big party for his 40th. I get to go out for dinner to Pepe's and got a balloon and cupcakes - not a terrible bday, but just not wow I wanted for a big number - that is just they way it goes I guess
    Cirque De Soleil - wow that sounds wonderful (we just had our anniversary last week). We didn't do much for our anniversary - out to dinner (Olive Garden). Congrats on your anniversary:)


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