Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trevor my busy, busy boy!

Trying to put hands to the keyboard and actually post has been challenging lately. I am happy to say no visits to the ER, but we have had unexpected trip to the eye doctor - Trevor broke my glasses! I have always known kids are expensive, but there were just so many of the hidden costs that I did not realize. In the past week Trevor has been as busy as usual; Trevor broke my glasses, and he pulled a lamp off an end table and shattered a light bulb (thank goodness the lamp still works, but it was a tough clean up being one of the bulbs with mercury in it.) He also found Stephen's portable cd player laying on the couch (after I had told him earlier that day to put it away) and he ripped the lid off of it. He has unprogrammed a bunch of numbers in our new phone (I spent an hour one day programming dozens of numbers and now we only have 3 left in there). He also likes the WII game and tries using the controller (it is so cute to watch), at least he has not broken the WII. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Trevor has put my watch somewhere and its been over week since I've seen it - I just hope it didn't go in the trash!

Trevor is just so busy. He wheels around the chairs in the kitchen and uses them as his rolling ladders. I catch him hanging on to the upper cabinets filled filled with plastic cups and glass, turning the microwave on, and as many times as I move the salt and pepper shaker (higher and higher) he always seems to find it and pours out all the salt. He is so smart and determined and busy - I have to admire a kid that can get into this much stuff! Our biggest challenge is to constantly monitor him and keep him safe; which means he has to come to the bathroom with me and I have to watch him even if I am just going into the other room to answer the phone! He just loves trying to see how everything works and is fanatical about opening and closing doors, gates, screens, windows, toy boxes and everything else. If he gets into the dining room, he will use his ride on fire truck as his step ladder of choice and get onto the table and onto the hutch - searching for candy that may be in a forgotten Easter basekt (yes, it had been in there since March and was just put away this week).

I sometimes wonder if a lot of kids are like this. I just don't remember Stephen and Ryan being this busy and this damaging. I am glad that he is curious about things and love watching him think about how he is going to accomplish something (I can practically see the steam coming from his ears from thinking so hard, lol). He is definitely fun to watch, but also exhausting!

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