Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Da Boys

Da Boys of Summer!

Stephen pitching

Ryan (during our visit to Safety Town at Trevor's "graduation")

Trevor with his "graduation ribbon" at Safety Town

Some pictures

Sunday, June 19, 2011

An update on the boys - June 2011

The Linden boys - an update Summer 2011

Summer has started. Ryan did so well in 3rd grade (straight A's 3rd and 4th quarter). He will be doing summer school just to keep him into a routine and for a little bit of practice .

Ryan has started Kung Fu. I hope he will like this. We have tried several other sports to no avail and I am trying really hard to find some kind of activity that will help him with his low tone and stamina issues (and his pronation). He is doing well in PT. His orthotics in his shoes are helping along with the PT and we will no be going to every other week for therapy.

Ryan took a video animation class. He enjoyed it. He is not sports minded like Stephen, but he definitely has ability in creativity - building - legos and all that. It's been a couple years now since his ADD diagnosis and I can't believe how much he has changed and how well he is doing from a couple of years ago. Not only did he get straight A's - but he got almost all O's on effort (outstanding!). The teacher liked having him in class, he had lots of friends, and he didn't have to be constantly reminded of staying on task, and he was so much better at controlling his impulsiveness and had many fewer argumentative moments. We have basically kept the same medication even though at times we wondered if it was doing much good. He is very bright and has a wonderful sense of humor, but he still can be very quiet, and withdrawn at times. When his wonderful personality does come out, it is wonderful.

Stephen again seems to excel at most things he tries. (I think it does make it hard to be his younger brother, trying to live up to him). Stephen has done awesome going from grade school to Jr High. He almost had all A's (had a 89.8% in Accel math last quarter). He did very well his first year in band (percussion). I worried he would be lacking some of the skills needed as he never took any music lessons or played any instruments before a couple of months in the Percussion group at NYE. He also did well in football that he tried in the fall and now its back to tennis and baseball. He is very fast and coordinated and serves him well in sports. He is a pitcher again this year, and when he isn't pitching he plays 1st or short stop mostly. He has also been doing a lot in scouting. He has gone on several trips and hopefully will advance to 1st class in September. (He finally got Tenderfoot in January and he hopes to advnace 2 ransk by Sept). I'm very proud of Stephen - he does so well in school (and really without much effort - lucky for him) and does well in sports, has a nice group of friends. The one thing I really want him to improve on is his procrastination and he needs to do things without being told. (Yes, he is a bit lazy and it is rare for him to just step up and pitch in if he isn't asked - however he is a pre-teen now, so I expect its not that unsual!).

We took Stephen for some GH testing. He was not defficient - to me that was good news and bad news. We will be back at the endo in Aug and will probably start aromatase therapy. I still worry about what the future holds for all my boys in regards to their adult height.

We will also probably be getting braces very soon! Both Stephen and ryan will need them!

Trevor my baby - well what can I say about him. He is so super fun at his age. his zest for life and his imagination is great. I love kids at this age, they say what they are thinking ask the darndes of questions and just are always trying crazy things! He finished preschool and will start kindergarten in the fall. It is sad for me, but I am glad he did so well in preschool. When he started preschool he was so scared and anxious and refused to speak for a few weeks. He continued to be very shy and rarely speak for a couple more months. Inthe last months of preschool he was loud and engaging and trying to be a class clown! He does seem to a little lacking in fine motor skills, so I am trhying to work on it with him over the summer. He is not delayed or lacking to get any kidn of IEP /services. He also did so well in speech that he no longer will recieve speech. My little failure to thrive baby continutes to thrive the past year! He is still small, but has made gains enough to keep us out of the Dr's apptmts except for 2 times a year (the endocrinologist). I am just happy that he is finally on the chart even if he is still hovering about the 5% mark. He still is super picky eater, but I do not atch and worry about every ounce as I used to. He seems to be growing on his own pace, and that is just like him - he always does things on his own time table and in his own way and his growth is no different. Overall he has been very healthy and his lactose intolerance seems to be lessening - I am giving him a bit more dairy and haven't seen any negative effects.

We are now patching Trevor for 2 hours daily (started at one hour). So far I have seen very little progress, so there could be eye surgery in the future for Trevor.

I signed Trevor up for Tball again (he tried it in the spring and was very anxious and hesitant and hated it when I left the room). Now its summer and we are trying it again and he seemed more excited about it this time. He has a new big (not a tryc anymore). New for him, it was Stephen's Thomas bike from about 9 years ago!
Trevor just finished Safety Town and loved it. He continues to think he rules the roost around here and definitely has a mischevious side to him (he is the drama king around here) - he definitely keeps things lively around here!

Now that school is out, we are hoping for a great relaxing summer filled with lots of baseball, outdoor activities (especially the pool). I hope you are having a wonderful summer too!

Books I have read

  • Friday Night knitting Club
  • The tale of Edgar Sawtelle
  • Island of Lost Girls
  • The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio
  • Nineteen Minutes
  • Kite Runner
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons